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 Winter Course List

May Be Subject To Change:

Should there be any discrepancies between the course list below and the official course list provided by the Registrar's Office, the Registrar's listing will govern.

  • ANTH / SOCI 2200. Communities. is an interdisciplinary examination of the concept of Community. Readings will include community studies from North America and Europe.
  • ANTH / SOCI 2270. Families. (same as the former Sociology/Anthropology 2270 and the former Anthropology 2270) is a comparative and historical perspective on the family as a social institution, the range of variation in its structure and the determinants of its development.
    • Corequisite: the former Sociology/Anthropology 2270, the former Anthropology 2270
  • ANTH / SOCI 3140. Social Movements. (same as the former Sociology/Anthropology 3140 and the former Anthropology 3140) is an examination of social movements which challenge prevailing social institutions and cultural values. Social movements considered may Include religious cults and sects, millenarian movements, attempts at utopian and communal living, feminism, labour and revolutionary movements.
    • Prerequisite: SOCI 1000 or the former 2000
    • Corequisite: the former Sociology/Anthropology 3140, the former Anthropology 3140
  • ANTH 1031. Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. provides an overview of the field of social and cultural anthropology. Diverse case studies will be used to illustrate key anthropological concepts and methods.
    • Corequisite: the former ANTH 1000 or 2000
  • ANTH 4071. Social and Cultural Aspects of Health and Illness . (same as Anthropology 4071) will cover topics which may include: cultural concepts of illness and health; theories of disease causation; relationships between social life and illness patterns; symbotic use of illness; variations in philosophies of treatment and in practitioner/patient relationships; the social organization of medicine.
    • Prerequisite: SOCI 3040 and 3150
    • Corequisite: Anthropology 4071, the former Sociology/Anthropology 4071
  • FOLK 1000. Introduction to Folklore. explores the role of tradition in communication, art and society. Reading assignments and audiovisual material will emphasize the use of folklore in context. Students will analyse traditions in their own lives through special assignments.
  • FOLK 2100. Folklore Research Methods - An Introduction. introduces the resources, tools and methods that folklorists use for primary and secondary research, including interviewing and participant observation. This course qualifies as a Research/Writing course.
    • Corequisite: it is strongly recommended that majors and minors take this course before taking 3000 and 4000 level courses
  • FOLK 3606. Folklore and the Supernatural. focuses on the ethnography of belief systems. Students examine patterns of belief and the features of supernatural folklore.
  • MUSIC 2014. Introduction to World Music . provides an introduction to the musics of selected cultures and contemporary intercultural communities. Drawing on topics and issues in ethnomusicology, it focuses on musical practices, beliefs, and techniques. It is intended to develop listening skills, broaden musical horizons, as well as to enable a deeper understanding of the way music functions in relation to social groups and individual lives.
    • Note: not applicable to the Bachelor of Music Degree.
  • SCS 4100. Issues in Cultural Studies. represents an examination of the concept of culture, as it is presently used within Anthropology, Folklore and Sociology. Particular attention will be paid to the area of Cultural Studies, and the ways in which that approach has re-energized an interest in the role of culture in modern society.
    • Prerequisite: completion of 90 credit hours or more and admission to Social/Cultural Studies
  • SOCI 1000. Introduction to Sociology . is an introduction to the concepts, principles, and topics of Sociology. This course is a prerequisite to most departmental courses.
    • Corequisite: the former SOCI 2000
  • SOCI 2100. Social Inequality. introduces the subject of social inequality and stratification, examines social inequality in historical perspective, reviews major theories about social inequality, and considers key social developments in contemporary societies in the area of social inequality.
  • SOCI 3290. Deviance. examines major sociological theories and methodological techniques central to the study of deviance and crime. The distribution, attributes and explanations of a variety of forms of deviance are examined, which may include violence, sexual deviance, delinquency, addiction, mental disorder, theft, organized crime, political deviance and corporate deviance.
    • Prerequisite: SOCI 1000 or the former 2000
  • SOCI 3314. Gender and Society. is an examination of biological, psychological, social and cultural aspects of gender, with an emphasis upon contemporary directions of change in sex roles.

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