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 Faculty and Staff

  • Marie Croll
    B.A. Hons. (Mt. St. Vincent), M.A. (Dalhousie), M.Ed., (U.N.B.), Ph.D. (Stirling); Assistant Professor, Sociology and Social and Cultural Studies.

    Office: AS381
    Phone: (709) 637-6200 ext 6477
    Areas of Interests: Dr. Croll's research interests include identity construction, narrative, gender and trauma. She is currently working on a book-length manuscript that considers all of the above areas. This work examines in-depth typical case studies and reflects on her lengthy experience as a therapist in private practice, in counselling hundreds of other women. These accounts unfold through a process of reflexive therapy which has been informed by feminist and narrative therapies and social theory, Jungian dream analysis, and a vast array of sexual abuse and related literature. Shaped by social/cultural theory and using the narrative method, Dr. Croll’s study develops an analysis of clients’ attempts to define and reintegrate themselves following sexual violations in light of a lack of self-authority, fears around voicing their trauma, fragmented memories, disassociation from their own language and symbolism, and a general sense of personal invalidity. In the face of these and other obstacles, the therapeutically facilitated accounts present possible unique and creative strategies for integrating similarly dehumanizing experiences. Other interests include the private/social shaping and sustaining of identity in the face of discrimination and dehumanizing social institutions; technology and society.
  • Ivan Emke
    Associate Professor, teaching in Anthropology, Sociology and Social/Cultural Studies; B.A. (Ohio State), M.A. (Windsor) , Ph.D. (Carleton).

    Office: AS386B
    Phone: 637-6200 ext 6322
    Areas of Interests: Rural development dynamics, with special focus on how communications affect development outcomes; modern funeral services industry, how it is changing, who enters the profession and how we can understand the changes in our culture by looking at changes in funeral rituals.

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