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 Grenfell Strategic Planning

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Towards a Strategic Plan for the Grenfell Campus

Based on the feedback I received from the first version of the Vision, Mission, Values, and Key Ideas document, significant changes have been made. This document shows the original wording, plus the revised wording, along with notes that expand on the reasons for the changes. To ensure that “like” items are grouped, eventually some re-ordering of items will need to occur. However, I have left things in their original order to make it easier for people to compare the old and new versions.

As you can well imagine, it has not been possible to reconcile conflicting (sometimes contradictory) suggestions and/or recommendations, but I have tried my best.

My understanding is that a half-day or full day Strategic Planning meeting is being organized for sometime in the Fall. At that meeting I hope this document can be finalize, and steps towards more detailed planning can be taken. In the meantime I welcome any additional comments or suggestions, which can be sent to me at:


Thank you to those of you who took the time to provide feedback, and for those of you who did not, there is still time. However, please provide your feedback on this version of the document, not the original. I hope that those of you who did provide feedback can see your comments incorporated in this new version. If I have misinterpreted anything you said, please let me know.

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