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 Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

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Employment and Volunteer Opportunities


The Student Work and Service Program (SWASP), funded by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, was designed to reduce the debt load of student parents, and to offer a valuable work opportunity where learned skills could be put to use and new ones strengthened.

What does SWASP offer participants?

  1. A valuable work experience, applicable to their program of study and career objectives
  2. A tuition credit
  3. An opportunity to network; and to strengthen and develop skills
  4. Personal and professional development through workshops offered on resume, cover letter writing; interview tips; job search/networking; and more!

Who is eligible

Fall semester: funding is available to student parents enrolled at Memorial University.

Winter semester: funding is available to student parents enrolled at Memorial. (Should additional funding become available, this program will be available to non-parent students)

Spring Semester: Funding is available to both student parents and non-student parents (ie. ALL Memorial students are eligible)

Program Options:

Option A: 260 hours (full-time hours, only part-time students can apply);
$1400 tuition voucher, $1200 cash stipend
Non-Student parents can apply for this option only.

Option B:
100 hours (part-time hours, part-time and full-time students can apply);
$1200 tuition voucher OR $750 tuition voucher, $450 cash stipend.


 SWASP Positions


MUCEP Job Opportunities

Eligibility Requirements:
  1. I am an undergraduate student.
  2. I am registered in at least 3 credit courses during the Winter 2014 semester (if I drop a course, I am no longer eligible for a MUCEP position).
  3. I have a 60% or above CUMULATIVE AVERAGE or a 60% or above average in my LAST 10 COURSES. (As a first year student, you have attained a 60% cumulative average because of the admission average)
  4. I will not work more than 80 MUCEP hours this semester. I will complete only one of the following options during this semester:
    • one 80 hour position ($1053)
    • one 40 hour position ($527)
    • two 40 hour positions ($527 each)


  • Access Assistant - Learning Centre

    Job Description:

    Conduct student interviews and review placement options; help student iwth resumes and interview prepartion; followup with Access student to document progress; followup with Mentors to document progress; ACCESS is our work placement program - CACUSS National award winning)

    Qualifications/Skills:  4th year Business or Phychology student.​

    Contact Name: Jennifer McGinn
    Contact Phone: 637-2189
    Contact Email:
  • Archivist - Theatre

    Job Description:

    Archiving theatre stage manager prompt scripts; transferring slides to digital forma; organizing archive room; producing paperwork indicating what is archived.​



    Theatre major

    Contact Name: Susan A Jennings
    Contact Phone: 639-6476
    Contact Email:
  • Assistant - Administration and Finance (Bursar's Office)

    Job Description:

    Timesheets, database tracking, cash handling, filing, data entry.

    Qualifications/skills:  Business skills, year of study not required.​

    Contact Name: Sarah Howell
    Contact Phone: 637-6256
    Contact Email:
  • Assistant to the Technical Director - Theatre

    Job Description:

    Filing, data entry, inventory control and minor help with regular maintenance.​

    Qualifications/Skills:  minimum of 1 year of theatre studies.

    Contact Name: Jim Chalmer-Gow
    Contact Phone: 637-2513
    Contact Email:
  • Athletics and recreation assistant - Student Services

    Job Description:

    Assisting with operations of competitive sport programs; assist with coordination and operations of campus recreation; promotion of campus events; various other duties.

    Qualifications/skills: experience with sport and recreation programming necessary​

    Contact Name: Kirk Durning
    Contact Phone: 737-7315
    Contact Email:
  • Book Arts/Printmaking Assistant - Visual Arts

    Job Description:

    Event/weekend print shop assistance in conjunction with VART2901/2311/2310/2320.  Introductory lithography in the winter term.  These coureses all include extensive practical skill set learning, material and tool handling, proper studio etiquette.  The mucep student assists other students with technological mattes related to the four different introductory printmaking skills sets.  This inlcudes materials, tools and equipment use. this engages the mucep student in problem-solivng situations beyond what they would encounter  in making their own work, greatly increasing their skill levels.  Transmitting information to other students increases communication skill.  Studio monitoring increases the mucep's sense of responsibility and committment to the facility.

    Qualifications/skills: enrolled in BFA (Visual Arts) having taken a minimum of 6 credit hours in printmaking/book arts.

    Contact Name: Marlene MacCallum
    Contact Phone: 637-7645
    Contact Email:
  • Business Program (Navigate)

    Job Description:

    ​Assisting program manager in event planning, statistical collection and analysis, uploading social media, developing entrepreneurship tools.


    busines sprogram, 2nd, 3rd,or 4th year; entrepreneurship interest, communications skills, social media skills, team work, research, written skills, independent

    Contact Name: Jacqueline Walsh
    Contact Phone: 637-2574
    Contact Email:
  • Cage Attendant - Go Engagement

    Job Description:

    Responsible for the supervision of the gymnasium; ensure the safety of facility users; distribute and set up/breakdown and inventory of equipment.

    Qualifications/Skills:  Standard 1st aid - CPR; knowledge of various sporting programs, good organizational and communication skills​

    Contact Name: Jana Walsh
    Contact Phone: 637-6258
    Contact Email:
  • Events Assistant - Go Engagement

    Job Description:

    Go Engagement events assistant - to help with organization and presentation of various events.

    Qualifications/Skills:  2nd, 3rd year student with knowledge of various software programs, good organizational and communication skills.​

    Contact Name: Marilyn Forward
    Contact Phone: 637-6207
    Contact Email:
  • Exchange/International Support -

    Job Description:

    Support in planning and promoting exchange student events (for exchange students attending Grenell Campus, and for Grenfell students looking to go on exchange), support in planning and promoting internationalization events and efforts, liaison work with inbound and outbound exchange students as necessary, as well as any other related duties.

    Qualifications/skills:  student must be in thier second year of study or higher, student must be trustworthy, independent, outgoing, enthusiastic, driven.  Must be able to work with minimal supervision.  Ideal candidate will have international​ experience, and/or have worked with international students in the past.  Additional assets include:  comfort with public speaking, professional demeanor.  The ability to work on evenings and weekends is an important asset.


    Deadline for applications:  September 29, 2015

    Contact Name: Nicole Watson
    Contact Email:
  • Exchange/internationalization support - Grenfell International

    Job Description:

    Student will help plan and promote exchange student events.  Student will help plan and promote internationalization events and efforts; student will liaise with inbound and outbound exchange students as necessary.



    Second year of study or higher.  Must be outgoing, enthusiastic, driven, trustworthy, independent.  Able to work with minimal supervision.  Ideal candidate will have international experience and/or have worked with international students in the past.

    Contact Name: Ivan Emke/Nicole Watson
    Contact Phone: 637-2392 or 637-4302
    Contact Email:;
  • Gallery Assistant - Art Gallery

    Job Description:

    Assist with exhibition installations and strikes and work with gallery outreach programs for youth and adults; collection management, assist with daily gallery operations.

    Qualifications/Skills:  familiarity with handling artwork; organized; familiarity with workprocessing, excel, access and photoshop and asset.  Effective communicator.  Interest in gallery work.  Does not have to a VA student.  ​

    Contact Name: Charlotte Jones
    Contact Phone: 637-6209
    Contact Email:
  • Language lab Assistant

    Job Description:

    After training, the LLA will supervise lab activities and provide support to students completing them (esp. when lab instructor is absent, ie. lunch, conversation classes, meetings, evenings, etc.)  Under supervision, they may also be asked to do some programming/evaluation.


    Minimum requirement:  French 1502 with hihg marks.  Preference will be given to 2nd or 3rd year students.​

    Contact Name: Alex Barter
    Contact Phone: 637-6555
    Contact Email:
  • Let's Talk Science Student Co-ordinator - Science Division

    Job Description:

    Let's Talk Science is a national science outreach program with sites at many university and college campuses across Canada.  As part of this program, Grenfell students volunteer to conduct science outreach activities for local children of all ages. 

    The LTS coordinators will a) build up our volunteer base and coordinating volunteers and local educations for events; b) assisting student volunteers in obtaining resources/supplies needed to carry out Let's Talk Science school visits; c) offering training sessions for new student volunteers; d) carrying out some of the school/site visits where scheduling permits; e) liaising with the Grenfell faculty involved with LTS, f) updating the LTS on-line portal and website; g) assisting in the planning of the Grenfell Let's Talk Science Challenge scheduled for Spring 2016.

    Qualifications/Skills: Enthusiasm for science education, interest in engaging children/youth in science, ability to work independently and as a team member, good public speaking skills, good organizational skills.  Preferred:  majoring in or having completed courses in at least one scientific discipline; a valid driver's license.​

    Contact Name: Erin Fraser, Dmitry Sveshnikov
    Contact Phone: ext. 2554, ext 6528
    Contact Email:;
  • Library Student Assistant

    Job Description:

    Circulation and periodicals desk coverage; charging and discharging library materials, shelving and shelf-reading library materials, filing and microfilm copying, maintaining PINTEREST new book lists, statstics, assisting with library displays, library customer service.

    Qualifications/skills:  University student​

    Contact Name: Heather Strickland
    Contact Phone: 637-6267
    Contact Email:
  • Physics Lab Student Assistant - Science

    Job Description:

    Assist regular lab staff with stuent questions, demonstrating proper experimental procedures and analysis techniques.

    Qualifications/Skills:  Physics major or minor; at least 2nd year, having completed Phys1051.​

    Contact Name: Darlene English
    Contact Phone: 637-6292
    Contact Email:
  • Presentation Developer - Science

    Job Description:

    Develop a physics based presentation unit for Let's Talk Science for use in elementary or junior high level classes.  Present the unit to one or more classes (No physics units exist).

    Qualifications/Skills:  Physics major or minor, at least 3rd year, having completed at least one 2nd physics lab course.​

    Contact Name: Darlene English
    Contact Phone: 637-6292
    Contact Email:
  • Print Media Assistant - Visual Arts/Fine Arts

    Job Description:

    Print media studio assistant providing support in conjunction with VART3300 and 3301.  Intermediate print media in the winter term.  these courses cover extensive range of intermediate to advanced level skill sets in training printmaking, photomechanical printmaking and digital application to print media.  The exposure units and inkjet printers are used ona supervised basis only and this position provide valuable assistance outside of regular weekday hours.

    Qualifications/Skills:  enrolled in BFA (Visual Arts); have taken a minimum of 6 credit hours in print and either be enrolled in VART3300 or have completed.

    Contact Name: Marlene MacCallum
    Contact Phone: 637-7645
    Contact Email:
  • Science (Biology) Herbarium Assistant

    Job Description:

    Assist with herbarium based student projects in the second to fourth levels of environmental science:taxonomy, student research support for projects.

    Assist with day to day operation maintenance and development of Grenfell Herbarium Collection:  digital databasing, mapping, organizing, uplenishing.




    Contact Name: Dmitry Sveshnikov
    Contact Phone: 639-6528
    Contact Email:
  • Statistics tutor/lab assistant - Psychology

    Job Description:

    Assist in the computer lab (e.g. help students with SPSS, lab questions, APA style writing, etc.); provide tutoring (e.g. statistical concepts & procedures, lab report writing, etc.)

    Qualifications/Skills: 3rd or 4th  year psychology major.  Good knowledge of statistics, research methods, SPSS, APA and lab report writing.​

    Contact Name: Kelly Brown
    Contact Phone: 637-2388
    Contact Email:
  • Student Assistant - Registrar's Office

    Job Description:

    Hanling front counter, telephone inquiries, assisting prospective students and current students with registration problems; completing various student form,s providing confirmation of enrolment letters, compiling and sending information to students, assisting academic advisors, general daily office work.

    Qualifications/skills:  minim 30 credit hours, strong interpersonal skills, computer skills, well organized​

    Contact Name: Sharon Noftall-Bennett
    Contact Phone: 637-2524
    Contact Email:
  • Student Catalogue Design - Fine Arts/Visual Arts

    Job Description:

    To photograph and design pages and layout for 4th year BFA-VA student catalogues; to prepare files to sent to printing services in March 2016

    Qualifications/Skills:  photography and design skills; 4th year VA student; digital skills (photoshop)​

    Contact Name: David Morrish
    Contact Phone: 637-2517
    Contact Email:
  • Student Housing Assistant - Student Services

    Job Description:

    Assisting students in housing - inquiries, issues etc; data entry, mail sorting, answering phone; providing support to housing staff and students in a front line capacity.

    Qualifications/Skills:  good communication, organization skills; the ability to work as a part of a team; be able to work in a demanding environment.​

    Contact Name: Jennifer Mitchell
    Contact Phone: 637-6270
    Contact Email:
  • Student Services/Learning Centre Peer Tutor

    Job Description:

    Assist students with course specific content; lead small group discussions; develop resource materials for work with students; report statistics to supervisor; refer to appropriate resources.



    Must  be able to work flexible hours; must have a minimum B+ average in disciple to be tutored; faculty recommendation required.​

    Contact Name: Lorna Payne
    Contact Phone: 637-6268
    Contact Email:
  • Video Producer, Chemistry Demos- Science

    Job Description:

    To develop chemistry demonstrations, video and edit perfected demos.  These demos produced using an HD camera already apurchased using a grant, will greatly improve the learning experience in Chemistry courses.

    Qualifications/Skills:  Completion of Chemistry 2210​

    Contact Name: Geoff Rayner-Canham
    Contact Phone: 637-2192
    Contact Email:
  • Visual Culture - NLEA Spiritualism and Art Conference

    Job Description:

    In Fall semester assisting with planning of NL Art Education Association Conference for late September including registration, technical support, hosting duties at conference.  Other duties will include after September 27 design of Visual Culture ddegree and assistance with a spiritualism Arts Science conference planned for October.  Same bibliographic and research work when time allows.


    Qualifications/Skills:  3rd or 4th year student with interpersonal skills; completed VART 2700 & 2701; good organizational skills - interest in art education or plans to continue an art education​

    Contact Name: Dr. Gerard Curtis
    Contact Phone: 639-251
    Contact Email:
  • VP Office - Campus City Connect

    Job Description:

    Taking/Recording meeting minutes

    Developingmeeting agendas and invitations

    Maintaining network of partners

    Completing administrative duties as assigned.


    Senior Student in othe programs with administrative skills/experience.​

    Contact Name: Ken Carter
    Contact Phone: 639-2547
    Contact Email:
  • Wardrobe Assistant - Theatre

    Job Description:

    Inventory and maintenance of wardrobe storage.  Primary contact for acting students borrowing costumes.  Assist wardrobe supervisor with repairs and maintenance of costumes and accessories.

    Qualifications/Skills:  2nd or 3rd year stagecraft student.  Good interpersonal and organizational skills​

    Contact Name: Wendy Vey
    Contact Phone: 639-2508
    Contact Email:
  • Writing coach & advertising assistant

    Job Description:

    Primary duty will be to act as a writing coach, reading drafts and papers with students and discussing these with the students.  A secondary duty will be with advertising for Humanities events.

    Qualifications/Skills:  Third or fourth year student, preferrably a Humanities minor or major but any arts division program is acceptable.  Must be in scholarship studies.​

    Contact Name: Lawrence Bruce-Robertson
    Contact Phone: 637-2586
    Contact Email:

Volunteer Opportunities

On-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the underlined, highlighted organizations for additional information.
Organization Name Contact Information
GCSU Clubs and Societies Matthew Brockel 637-6200, ext. 6169
Grenfell Campus Student Food Bank Nicole Newell/Shanda Williams Nicole: 639-2590 (
Shanda: 639-6252 (
Student Services Debbie Janes 637-6232

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the underlined, highlighted organizations for additional information.
Organization Website Contact Information
Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador Barbara Kennedy
The Arthritis Society Steve Keats
Atlanti-Con Science Fiction Festival Jeff Keeping
Twitter: @atlanti_con
Canadian Cancer Society Krista King
Canadian Diabetes Association Timothy Humphries
709-754-0953, ext. 22
Canadian National Institute of the Blind Dinah Durnford (
Donna Byrne (
Canadian Red Cross Judy Bond
Corner Brook Museum and Archives George French
Corner Brook Status of Women Council Paula Sheppard-Thibeau
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada Kathy Power
709-579-3700 or 1-800-563-4843
WestRock Community Centre Steve Huxter
709-634-4077 Ext. 2
Easter Seals of Newfoundland and Labrador Jeff Young
Family Outreach Resource Centre   Bonnie Randell
Food Bank Network   Joy Connors
Girl Guides of Canada Linda Holwell-Tibbo
Junior Achievement Newfoundland and Labrador Shawn Adams
Kids Eat Smart Clubs Kailey Pauls
NL Laubach Literacy Council Margie Lewis
VON Corner Brook Branch Debbie Lewis
Elaine Fost
Western Memorial Regional Hospital Shelley Blackler
The following list of organizations may or may not currently have volunteer opportunities in the Corner Brook area. Please contact them directly for more information.
Amnesty International John Fleming
Canadian Parents for French NL Patricia Edwards
Humber Community YMCA Lisa Osmond
MADD Canada Karen Foley
NL Special Olympics Hope Wiseman
Places of Worship
Various places of worship in Corner Brook. Click here for contact information.
Rogers Television Amy Joy
Schools – Elementary and Secondary
Various elementary and secondary schools in Corner Brook. Click here for contact information.
Senior’s Homes/Service
Various senior’s homes in Corner Brook. Click here for contact information.
St. John Ambulance Brigade Todd Warren

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