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Grenfell Aboriginal Student Fact Sheet

This is Grenfell Campus. It’s who you are and where you are. It’s where you stand and what you stand for. It’s your corner. Your passion. Your purpose. Your thing. Find it here. This is a place where you can dare to be different. Or to be anything else, for that matter. An intimate campus with a big personality. A community of explorers and questioners, revealers and conservers. We’re a part of Memorial University of Newfoundland, the largest university in Atlantic Canada. Our west coast campus offers liberal arts and science degree programs with a focus on fine arts and the environment. Grenfell is considered more of a home than an institution by many students.

Of the 1,300 students at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook, NL, just over 300 have self-identified as Aboriginal (as indicated on their university application). Grenfell understands “Aboriginal” as a student having First Nations, Inuit or Metis ancestry.  It is important to note that a student does not require a Government issued First Nations/Inuit/Metis ID to avail of our services.


The Aboriginal Resource Room, located in the new Arts and Science extension (AS2027), is a place for you to gather, study and feel safe. You’ll also find Aboriginal student specific information about opportunities, scholarship information, magazines, newsletters and many more.


Worried about accommodations? If you’re a full-time student being funded by the Nunatsiavut Government or Mamu Tshishkutamashutau (Innu School Board), you will be given priority for a room in Grenfell’s residences. 


2013/14 Aboriginal Student Committee:
(L-R) Natasha Michelin, Kayla Keats, Amanda Humber, Matt Hughes and Chelsea Morris


There is an Aboriginal Initiatives Committee (AIC) at Grenfell. This group is made up of professors, Grenfell staff, and students. The AIC is focusing on several different areas, including the establishment of an Aboriginal Studies minor and engaging with the community. The AIC also works closely with other Aboriginal groups, Grenfell staff, students, and the Student Affairs Officer-Aboriginal.


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(Grenfell Campus)
(St. John's Campus) 
(Special Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs)

Come see for yourself. Visit our campus and we’ll arrange tours, meetings with faculty and even a chance to sit in on a university class.

20 University Drive
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P:709 637 6200/ 1 888 637 6269

If you would like to learn more about Memorial University/Grenfell's 'designated seats' programs, please contact Student Services for more information.

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