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 Exam Day Procedures

Exam Day Procedure (includes unit tests, in-class assignments, and final exams)

Prior to exam writing:

Students should arrive at the exam room (AS 272) 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time with allowed materials (e.g. pens and/or pencils, erasers, whiteout, etc.)  Personal belongings and unauthorized materials (e.g. cell phone, electronic music devices, and memory sticks.) should be left with the invigilator before the student begins writing.  Students who require food, drink or their medication during the exam are expected to come prepared with these requirements, as leaving the exam to access these items during the exam is prohibited.


If a student arrives late for their exam:


- The total writing time is always calculated according to the original start time.  For example, if the student is scheduled to begin their exam at 10:00 AM and arrives at 10:15 AM, the invigilator would still start timing the exam writing at 10:00 AM.


- In cases where the professor states that students are required to write their tests/in-class assignment during class time on the Test/In-class Assignment Request Form (Yellow Form):




1. When a student arrives 30 minutes or more past the regular exam writing time, the invigilator will require him/her to get the professor’s written permission to write that day.  This will involve the student taking a permission note to their classroom and getting it signed by the professor.  Also, the invigilator may leave the test area and return the exam if a student is over 20 minutes late and has not given notification to the invigilator or the Student Affairs Officer if they are still writing his/her exam.


2. If a student completes his/her exam prior to the regular class time, the student must remain in ​quarantine until the invigilator notifies the professor and gets permission to allow the student to leave the exam area.
3. If a student completes his/her final exam prior to the regular class time, the student is required to stay in the exam room for 30 minutes past the beginning of regular class time.  As part of Grenfell Campus/Memorial University of Newfoundland policy, no student is allowed to leave the writing of a final exam within the first 30 minutes.


During the Exam:

Professor Questions

If the student needs to ask the professor a question, the invigilator will contact the professor by phone or e-mail to get an answer.  In cases where the professor is unable to be reached, the invigilator will escort the student to their classroom so they can get the question answered.  If going to the classroom is required, the time needed to do this will be added to the extra time allowed of the student to complete their exam.

In an exam situation, when a student has a question for their professor we recommend that he/she continuing working on another part of his/her exam until the professor is available to see them in the exam area.


Washroom Break

If the student requires a washroom break during the exam, he/she must ask the invigilator for permission.  The invigilator would take the student’s exam and accompany him/her to the nearest washroom.  Writing time cannot be added for regular washroom breaks during an exam, unless specified in a student’s accommodations.


Academic Misconduct

All students with exam accommodations fall under the same rules of Academic Misconduct


Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency evacuation, a student would be asked to leave his/her exam on the desk (face down) and prepare to evacuate the building.  The invigilator would escort the student to the closest emergency exit, leading him/her to the nearest evacuation area.*  The invigilator would stay with the student until the emergency had been resolved.
The invigilator would accompany the student back to the exam room and have him/her resume writing once they are approved to re-enter the building.**  The maximum writing time for the exam is adjusted to compensate for the time away due to the emergency.***
For more information regarding Grenfell Campus’ emergency procedures, please review the Emergency Management Page.

Once the exam of completed

Upon exam completion, the invigilator will place the exam in an envelope for delivery to the professor.****  An Exam Accommodation Form (Purple Form), that is attached to the student’s exam, must be signed by the student.  This signature serves as a confirmation that all exam materials have been placed in the envelope.


* If the student has mobility issues (wheelchair, walker, etc.) and the exam room isn’t located on the ground floor, the invigilator would accompany him/her to the nearest stairway.   The invigilator would notify a warden or emergency personnel to assist the student in exiting the building.

** If evacuees are advised to leave campus, the management of unfinished exam will be discussed with The Student Affairs Officer and professors.

*** If the situation results in the rescheduling of exams, notification will be given by the Registrar's Office.

**** If the student used a computer, the invigilator must ensure that the student’s file is saved to the computer and the USB key provided.  The invigilator will print off the student’s exam materials and have him/her sign each page, signifying that everything was printed off.

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