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 Faculty Procedure for Term Tests and Assignments

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Faculty Member Procedure For providing accommodations through ACES (Term Tests/In-class Assignments)

If a student from your class is requesting exam accommodations, please follow these steps:

  • The student should present you with a copy of the following two (2) forms:
    • INFORMATION RELEASE FORM (Blue Form) (completed)
    • Test/In-class Assignment Request Form (Yellow Form) (Section 1 completed)

    If the student does not have both of these forms, please inform the student that he/she must schedule an appointment with ACES staff (i.e. Lorna Payne or Brad Elliott) (639-6232)
  • Keep a copy of the INFORMATION RELEASE FORM (Blue Form) for your records.
  • Please complete Section 2 on the Test/In-class Assignment Request Form (Yellow Form), and attach a copy of your course syllabus to it. The information on this form provides the Student Affairs Officer with the necessary information required to proctor this student for your exams. Note: The faculty member is responsible for notifying the Student Affairs Officer of any changes to test or in-class assignment dates, as detailed in the course syllabus.
  • Once the Test/In-class Assignment Request Form (Yellow Form) has been completed (preferably with course syllabus attached), it will need to be returned to the Student Affairs Officer for his records. You may make a copy of this form for your records as well.
  • A request e-mail from the Student Affairs Officer will be sent to you at least 48 hours before the test date. This is a request for a copy of the test so that the Learning Centre can administer it to the student requiring exam accommodations.
  • The student will be contacted by the Student Affairs Officer at least 24 hours before an exam is scheduled outlining the location of their exam. If this notice is sent via e-mail, you can expect to be cc on the e-mail so that you know where the student is writing that day. Otherwise, you will be notified of the location by the Student Affairs Officer prior to the exam date.
  • Final Exams will be coordinated by the Learning Centre & Registrar’s Office.
Learning Centre Registration Form = Green
Test/In-class Assignment Request Form = Yellow
Exam Accommodation Form = Purple

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