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If you have a specific person with whom you would like to share an apartment with in the chalets, or a suite in the residence, Student Housing will try to accommodate your preference. While choosing a roommate is your decision as a student, we encourage you to discuss the following issues with those who will be rooming with you.

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Living with someone in the same suite in residence or in a chalet apartment may be challenging sometimes. Since Student Housing seeks to make your stay an enjoyable living experience, we encourage you to discuss each of the following topics with potential roommates.

Cleaning: People have different standards of cleanliness. It might be useful to develop schedules for vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, taking out the trash, recycling, cleaning bathrooms. Some specific apartment-related issues are cleaning the kitchen, dirty dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.

Personal Hygiene: dirty laundry, shoes/feet, showering, deodorant, air freshener.

Common Space: Living room, Kitchen/cabinet spaces, bathroom, refrigerator, dining room, closets, and bedroom.

Noise: study hours, friends visiting, noise tolerance during study time, and musical instruments.

Overnight Guests: How late/early you each want guests to be able to visit during weekdays, weekends; guest use of bathroom; expectations of guest behavior, frequency of overnight guests, Student Housing guest policy in the handbook.

Use of your possessions: Items that can/cannot be shared, asking permission to use shared items, replacing items that are used up or broken, guests using shared items. (stereo, TV, computer, food, etc.).

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Alcohol: Topics to cover: Can alcohol be stored/used, when (weekends only), guest use of alcohol.

Sleeping Arrangements: light/heavy sleeper, early/late riser, music on/off at night, alarm, lights, door closed or not.

Tobacco: Residence and Chalets are smoking-free zones, so no smoking is permitted. Students must go outside to smoke and dispose of their cigarette butts appropriately.

Safety concerns: How will you ensure each other’s safety? Locking doors including room doors or suite/apartment doors, etc.

We hope that by initiating these discussions, you will know your roommates more and you can come up with guidelines you all can live with. Enjoy your stay.

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