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 Math Resources

Math Resources

The following short video clips have been compiled by the Learning Centre to assist you in your studies.


Math 1090 Resources

Click on a topic below to view the pdf document. Turn up your speakers!

Centre and Radius of a Circle
Centre and radius of a circle.jpeg



Composition of Functions
Composition of functions.jpeg

Compound Interest



Converting Degrees and Radians
Question:  a) Express 60o in radians
                    b) Express π radians in degrees

Distance and Midpoint
Question:  a) Find the distance between (-4, 10)  and  (4, -5)
                    b) Find the midpoint of  (-4, 10)  and  (4, -5)

Domains (re-do)

Question:  a) Solve the inequality  3x -5 > 16
                    b) Solve the inequality  -6x + 1 > 10
Rule: When you divide by a negative, you switch the sign of the inequality.

Inverse of a Function
Question: Find the inverse of  g(x) = 2x + 4          Same as:   y = 2x + 4
                                                        3                                      3
Quick Steps: 1) Interchange x and y 
                       2) Solve for y
                       3) Replace y with  g-1 (x)

Logarithms-Includes Review of 3 Log Laws
Question: Combine 3ln (x-1) = 5lnx - ln(x2 +3_ -7ln (x+4)  into a single logarithm. 
                                  Note: Laws of logaritms:
                                       I)  loga (AB) = logaA + logaB
                                      II)  loga (A) = logaA -
                                     III)  loga Ac = c logaA

Long Division of Polynomials

Piecewise Functions


Synthetic Division




















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