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 FAQ for International Students

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1. How many students attend Grenfell Campus?
Grenfell Campus, Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland is a small campus with approximately 1400 students.
2. What is the average class size?
Due to the small campus population, Grenfell is able to provide its students with class settings that allow for interaction and a high quality personalized educational experience. The majority of classrooms on campus seat between 30 and 60 people with one classroom seating 100 people.
3. Is there a resource person on campus who can assist international students with their specific needs?
Yes. Dwayne Hackett, Coordinator of International Student Programming works to assist international students with immigration issues and their transition to Canada, addresses international student related issues throughout the term, organizes social and cultural events, and provides campus wide resources on diversity and cultural sensitivity. You can reach Dwayne by emailing
4. What should I be doing to prepare before I come to Grenfell Campus?
Before traveling to Canada you should ensure to:
  • Have the proper Visas and Study Permits
  • Register for courses and pack necessary personal belongings
  • Contact to arrange free airport pick-up at Deer Lake airport (YDF)
  • Have proper documentation for any prescription medications and make sure that you have an adequate amount before you are able to get the prescription in Canada
  • Browse the Grenfell Campus and City of Corner Brook websites
  • Have some CDN currency
  • Click here to view international student orientation information
5. What is the weather like in Newfoundland?
Summers are warm but not too hot – in July temperatures usually range between 21 and 27 ºC. Winters are very snowy, with temperatures ranging from 0 to -20 ºC. You’ll want to pack clothing for all four seasons; we get a taste of every kind of weather in Newfoundland and Labrador – snow, rain, fog, and sunshine! For more information click here.
6. What is there to do on campus?
Grenfell Campus offers many opportunities for an active campus life. Those options include: student politics, student clubs and societies (including the outdoors club, the video game society, the environmental affairs committee, and many many more), playing on sports teams, volunteer opportunities, and the Pepsi Centre. Grenfell Campus also has a 25 meter indoor pool as well as a large double gymnasium on campus.
7. What do I need to do after I arrive at Grenfell Campus?
Upon your arrival to Grenfell Campus an international programming staff member will help you to locate your keys and residence room, introduce you to the Housing Office staff, and give you a campus tour. Furthermore, you will receive a checklist titled “Things that Should be Done Prior to the Start of Classes” in your welcome package. Please complete the checklist within the first few days after your arrival.
8. What shops/facilities can I walk to from campus?
Some of the shops/facilities that you can walk to from campus include: The Arts & Culture Centre which holds plays, theatre events, and an art gallery, The Pepsi Centre (The Pepsi Centre hosts concerts, sporting events and conferences. It is also the location of Forever Young Fitness Centre), The Valley Mall, The Millbrook Mall and Millbrook Twin Cinemas, Margaret Bowater Park, A & W restaurant, Jumbo Video, Subway restaurant, and more.
9. What is the voltage in Canada: 110V or 220V?
The voltage of electrical outlets in Canada is 110 Volts, 60 Hz. Please ensure that any personal electrically operated items that you bring will function properly under these conditions.
10. Can I ship belongings ahead of time?
Students who are staying in Residence are permitted to ship items that will arrive no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the start of classes. Items should be sent to:
Student Housing Office
C/O: Enter Your Name Here
Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
University Drive
Corner Brook, NL, Canada
A2H 6P9
11. How do I get from the airport to Grenfell Campus ?
Free airport pickups are available for all new international students. Please Ensure that your final destination is Deer Lake Airport (YDF).
12. Do I need health insurance and how do I get it?
Yes, all international students attending Grenfell Campus are required to purchase a Health Insurance Plan. Students must see Dwayne Hackett, Coordinator, International Student Programming in room AS 234B regarding this within your first few days on campus.
13. What can I do in Corner Brook during my free time?
There are many things to do in Corner Brook during your free time. Some of those activities include: playing in local sports leagues, downhill skiing at Marble Mountain, cross country skiing at the Blow-Me-Down Cross Country Ski Club, walking trails at the Participark and the Corner Brook Stream Trail, visiting the Insectarium (Deer Lake), Laser Tag, seeing a movie at the Millbrook Twin Cinemas or the Majestic Theatre, seeing a play at the Arts & Culture Centre, shopping, fishing, hiking, camping, and much more!
14. What types of academic support systems are there for me?
The Learning Centre offers numerous academic supports including Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Literacy and Numeracy Instructional Assistants, Success Seminars, a Career Planning Centre, and support for special needs students. Furthermore, Grenfell Campus offers academic advisors and other support staff.
15. What type of winter clothing do I need?
Please bring or be prepared to purchase high quality winter clothing after you arrive in Newfoundland. Winter weather begins to arrive in late November/early December. Corner Brook is renowned for its snowfall and temperatures can drop below -15 ºC. Proper winter clothing includes a warm waterproof/windproof insulated jacket, warm hats, insulated waterproof gloves/mittens, scarves, and winter boots, etc. Winter boots should be should be waterproof, insulated and be a high enough cut as to keep snow out of your boots and keep your feet warm and dry. (Remember: snow is very cold as it is a form of frozen water.)
16. What are the fees for international students?
For information on fees associated with studying at Grenfell Campus as an international student click here.
17. Can I stay on campus during semester breaks?
Students are permitted to remain on campus during mid-term breaks (one in October and February). If students wish to stay on campus between semesters (December 14th to January 7th) they must fill out an application at the Student Housing Office. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis. Only those students with extenuating circumstances, such as being an international student, having ill family members, or if travel home is too costly, will be accepted. An additional charge will be applied to your student account if you stay on campus between semesters.
18. Can I store my belongings on campus if I return home during the summer?
Yes, international students are permitted to store items on campus over the summer holidays at no extra cost.

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