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 FAQ for Parents

1. What is Parent Orientation?
Parent Orientation is Grenfell's way of welcoming you to the University experience as the parent of a first year student. It is designed for parents and/or guardians of first year University students and the goal is to offer parents and or/guardians with the resources they need to become a more effective and supportive part of their child's life. The seminars during Parent Orientation are intended to provide parents and or/guardians with the necessary information so they can assist their child's transition from high school to university.
2. How do I sign up for Parent Orientation?
Parents are asked to pre-register if possible by calling 637-6232 or emailing
3. When is Parent Orientation?
There are 2 sessions of parents orientation being held. Parents are asked to attend the one that is most convenient. The same sessions will be offered on each day so you only need to attend one.
Dates for each session will be posted here when available, please check back soon.
4. Do I have to attend the same session as my student?
No, you do not attend the same session as your student. Parent Orientation is a separate Orientation just for parents and/or guardians. Your student will be attending an Orientation designed just for first year students. Although you are not attending the same sessions, we do not discourage you spending time with your student when there is free time in both of your schedules.
5. What will happen during Parent Orientation?
During Parent Orientation, there will be a presentation by the Senior Academic Advisor, there will be two sessions from which you can choose to attend entitled: "Living Away from a Grenfell Student" and "Living with a Grenfell Student," you will receive a campus tour, and you will be able to have your questions answered by faculty and staff.
6. How much will Parent Orientation cost?
There is no cost to attend Parent Orientation. The cost of Parent Orientation is covered by the University.
7. Do I have to stay overnight at Parents Orientation?
Since Parent Orientation is only one day you will not be required to stay overnight for the purpose of attending Parent Orientation. However, if you would like to stay over night for other reasons, it is your responsibility to find a place to stay and it is at your own cost.
8. Will I be with my student during Parent Orientation?
You will not be with your student during Parent Orientation. Your student will be attending their own Orientation activities while you are attending Parent Orientation.
9. Can I bring my younger children to Parent Orientation?
While Parent Orientation is intended for parents and/or guardians only, if you need to bring your younger children with you to Parent Orientation it will be allowed.
10. What if I cannot attend Parent Orientation?
If you cannot attend ParentsOrientation but you have questions or concerns about your student entering University you can contact Student Services at
11. What if I have more questions after Parent Orientation?
If you have more questions or concerns after you attend Parent Orientation than you can contact the Department of Student Services at

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