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Navigate Business Bootcamp is a series of engaging workshops designed to not only drill to the core of what value you bring to your customers, but to use this value to give a boost to your marketing and sales results. The Bootcamp will take place in 6 modules over 6 weeks, and will be led by experienced industry experts. Starting with building your value proposition, the bootcamp will walk you through different marketing channels, and help you create an agile marketing plan to help further validate your idea and get customers. It also focuses on personal selling skills, LEAN analytics, and finishes off with a fun business pitching event. Participants who attend every component will receive a guaranteed marketing consulting subsidy of $1000, with an extra $1000 going to the winning pitch.

Tuesdays, 5-9 PM, May 14-June 18, 2019

Registration: $295 +HST

Click here to register online or call the Grenfell Office of Engagement at (709) 637-6208.

For more information contact Dr. Billy Newell at or Charlene Connors at

Read more: Navigate Marketing and Sales Bootcamp info.pdf

Who is the event for?

The seasoned entrepreneur: You have been in the game awhile, and would like to take a fresh perspective on who your customers really are, how you can improve your online marketing, and refocus on what's important and working for you.

The startup entrepreneur: You've validated and grown a business idea, now it's time to take the next step. This program will improve your understanding of your customer, improve your pitch, and teach you some new marketing tricks.

The aspiring entrepreneur: You have an idea, but are not entirely sure where to go with it. This program gives you some beginner and advanced methods to develop, validate, and pitch that idea.

How is it structured?

Week 1: What value do you bring?

What solution are you really offering, or plan to offer? What do your customers really want? This week we will help answer this through the value proposition canvas, and by further discovering your value and your key customers.

Week 2: Online Marketing Channels

This week will take a dive into different online marketing channels to see which may be right for your business. We will look at Facebook and Instagram ads and formatting, creating and managing an email database, and a list of affiliate resources.

Week 3: Content Marketing and Sales Planning

This marketing module focuses on how to create a landing page that helps convert visitors into customers through irresistible offers, and compelling copy.  You will develop a short-term agile marketing sales plan, along with how you will use content to generate leads.

Week 4: Measure and Manage – Lean Analytics

As Peter Drucker put it "you can't manage what you can't measure". With so many metrics, and so much information, how do we know what to measure? This week will focus on developing key metrics for your business. You will learn how to measure the right things in order to grow, while avoiding information overload.

Week 5: Go and Sell!

Making sales are tough, but crucial! We will arm you with some great techniques and practice in letting you sell effectively in conversational settings. These techniques also help with developing your pitch to potential investors.

Week 6: Pitches & Pints Event

To cap it all off, we will hold a business pitching competition, where you will be given 3 minutes to pitch your business or business idea. Participants who attend every component will receive a guaranteed marketing consulting subsidy of $1000, with an extra $1000 going to the winning pitch.

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