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Student Achievement Awards

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Student Achievement Awards 2022 

GCSU Merit Awards 

Up to ten merit awards will be presented to full-time undergraduate students who, in the opinion of their peers, have contributed to the quality of student life at Grenfell Campus through involvement in student union activities, clubs and societies, caucuses, and athletics. 

  1. Syed Saif T. Sayeedi
  2. Earla Smith 
  3. Gaayathri Sukantha Murugan
  4. Rufaro Mathemera
  5. Gregory Reid
  6. Jorge Campos
  7. Hannah Legge-Butler
  8. Lana Dauphinee
  9. Graeme McNabb
  10. Kerenhappuch Gand

Arthur M. Sullivan Award

 The Arthur M. Sullivan Award will be presented to a full-time undergraduate student at Grenfell Campus who, in the opinion of their peers, has contributed to the quality of student life through involvement in their student union activities, clubs and societies, caucuses, and athletics. In addition, the recipient must be strong academically, having a cumulative academic average of not less than 70%. The recipient is an outstanding student who is successful in both their academics and participation in student life at Grenfell Campus. 

  • Hannah Jenkins

GCSU Lanier Phillips Award 

The Lanier Phillips Award for international students has been established by the GCSU International Students Association Caucus. Lanier Phillips was an advocate who fought against racial discrimination throughout his life. An American navy officer, he was shipwrecked off the coast of St. Lawrence in 1942 during a time of racial segregation. Rescued and cared for by the people of St. Lawrence, Mr. Phillips realized that he was treated with equality, and this was his springboard to continue his fight against discrimination in the United States. In honour of his life’s work, the Lanier Phillips Award, valued at $300.00, will be given to an international student who demonstrates leadership skills, and as well advocates on behalf of others. The recipient would have demonstrated an involvement in student life, both within the international student community and the overall student body. Applicants should also have demonstrated both on campus and off campus involvement

  • Shireen Merchant

GCSU Teaching and Learning Awards

The Grenfell Campus Student Union Teaching and Learning Awards was created in support of the Memorial University Teaching and Learning Framework. The awards are intended to recognize teachers who students believe need to be acknowledged for their dedication to teaching, learning and the progress of students in all aspects of life. Recognition of excellence in teaching is an important step to making teaching and learning a priority for all educators at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

  • Andrew Testa
  • Dr. Jennifer Buckle

Grenfell Campus Student Governance Award Governance Award

This award recognizes a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the administration of the campus, whether in the delivery of programming, the development of policy, or the advancement of the campus.

  • Jorge Campos
  • Paige Percy 

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