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VP Research Fund Recipients

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 2018/19 VP (Grenfell ) Research Fund recipients

  • Todd Hennessey, Mr. Burns – A Creative Research Proposal
  • Ingrid Percy, Bringing the University to the People: Tertiary Extension Programs and the Early   History of the Banff Centre
  • Julie Sircom, Feasibility of Captive Rearing of Bombus Ternarius
  • Dmitry Sveshnikov, Effects of Mycorrhizal Associations on Juvenile Eastern White Pine in Newfoundland
  • Robert Scott, Morphological Variation Among Populations of the Threspine Stickleback (Gasterosteus Aculeatus) from the West Coast of Newfoundland and Southern Labrador
  • Raymond Thomas, Effects of short chain fatty acids on brain function
  • Mano Krishnapillai, Testing native fungal inoculum for enhancing decomposition rate of lingo-cellulosic organic waste material for making compost
  • Rainer Baehre, Mi'kmaq History, 1755-1783
  • Bonnie White, Making   Newfoundlanders our of British Subjects: The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire in Western Newfoundland, 1956-1990s
  • Rie Croll, Canadian Magdalene Laundries
  • Bradley Harding, Parameter-fitting my single-process model of the Same-Different task at the University of Ottawa
  • Peggy Hancock, The Incidence and Experience of Incivility in Clinical Practice: Nursing Students' Perspectives

2017/18 VP (Grenfell ) Research Fund recipients

  • Dr. Bonnie White, The Society for the Overseas Settlement of British Women
  • Prof. Cameron Forbes, Examining Constructed Space through Painting and Drawing: The Seaway Inn
  • Dr. Carol King, Monarchy and Power in Ancient Macedonia
  • Dr. Christine Campbell, Influence of pH on Species Occurrence and Survival of Juvenile Stages of Invasive Mink Frog and Green Frog in Insular Newfoundland
  • Ms. Crystal Rose and Dr. John Bodner, Bowater Oral History Collection Analysis
  • Dr. Erin Fraser, Investigation of Scavenging Rates Following Bird-window Collisions in Western Newfoundland
  • Prof. D'Arcy Wilson, Felia, Series of Paintings on Atlantic Canadian Settler Interactions with Nature
  • Dr. Dmitry Sveshnikov, Microbiotic Interactions of Eastern White Pine at its Northern Distribution Limit
  • Dr. John Bodner, Occupational Folklife of Small Scale Marijuana Markets in a BC Village
  • Prof. Marc Losier, Narratives of Loss
  • Dr. Morteza Haghiri, Public Awareness of the Use of Biphenol A in the Food Industry: The Case of Food Safety in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Dr. Rosa Tchoukaleyska and Dr. Benjamin Zendel, Sounding Out Place: An Interdisciplinary Understanding of Wellbeing in Western Newfoundland
  • Dr. Shoshannah Ganz, Japanese and Canadian Literature and Site of Industry and Tourism
  • Dr. Svetlana Barkanova and Dr. Aleksandrs Aleksejevs, Spark Chamber in Action – Observing Cosmic Rays in Real Time

 2016/17 VP (Grenfell ) Research Fund recipients

  • Todd Hennessey, Virtual Theatre: The Intersection of Theatre and Virtual Reality
  • Jerry Etienne, Shakespeare and Company Month Long Intensive
  • Barb Hunt, Velvet Mirage
  • Marc Losier, Échange (Exchange)/Post(e) - Corner Brook Capital Item Purchase for U.V. Exposure Unit(s) Photography Department in Visual Arts Program
  • Stephen Decker, Bringing Locally Significant Ecological, Historical and Cultural Attributes to the Municipal Development Planning Table in Bauline, Flatrock and Pouch Cove: Exploring Models of Locally-Informed Regional Development
  • Erin Fraser, Assessment of Skeletal Variation in Eastern Canadian Southern Red-Backed Vole (Myodes gapperi) Populations
  • Lakshman Galagedara, Mapping Spatio-temporal Variability of Apparent Electrical Conductivity in Managed and Natural Landscapes in Western Newfoundland
  • Morteza Haghiri, Consumer's dilemma: Willingness-to-accept or willingness-to-pay? The Case of Using Advanced Technology Atlantic Salmon Farming
  • Jared Howell, Object Flow in Graphs Via Chip-firing
  • Mano Krishnapillai, Evaluating local plant species for phyto-extraction potential of lead (pb) from contaminated soil
  • Rebecca Milley, Invertibility and Reversibility in Misere Game Theory: Solving Open Problems with an Intensive Research Collaboration
  • Telex Ngatched, Increasing the Transmission Distance of AgilMotion for Underwater Remote Sensing Through Free Space Optical Communication
  • Dmitry Sveshnikov, Ecophysiology of Eastern White Pine of Newfoundland: Juvenile Seedlings as a habitat evaluations system
  • Kelly Vodden, Community Impacts of and Responses to Mobile Work in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Jianghua Wu, The effects of manipulative warming and nitrogen addition on the production and composition of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) of boreal peatlands
  • Doreen Klassen, Transcription of narratives from April 2013 research entitled "Women's Oral Narrative among low German-speaking Mennonites in Mexico and Belize
  • Tony Fabijancic, After Tito, Tito: Yugonostalgia Among the Southern Slavs (a Photographic Journey)
  • Angela Robinson, What's in a game? An Ethnographic Study of the Mi'kmaw Game of Waltes
  • Kelly Warren, The Effects of Misinformation on Parent-Child Discussions of Crime


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