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Research and Graduate Studies

Building a diversified fishery

A Grenfell Campus political economist is working with a research team to determine what shrimp allocations actually mean for the economic viability of a region. [read more...]

Indigenization in a colonial world

Kelly Anne Butler's roles at Grenfell – staff member and instructor – give her a direct connection to the main theme of her research: how Indigenous people traverse colonial relationships. [read more...]

The first job of the director: Regardless of the medium, it all comes down to telling the story

He's directed opera singers. He's directed playwrights acting in their own shows. He's even directed puppets. But in the end, said Prof. Michael Waller, "it doesn't matter what form it takes: you need to boil it down to a very simple story. It's basically about conflict between human beings. You can get artistic once you've figured that out. But establishing the story is the first job of the director." [read more...]

Using the unusable: Realizing the green crab’s potential

 It is said that every creature on earth has a purpose. Scientists and fishers alike have been dubious about the usefulness of the green crab (carcinus maenas), whose sole purpose seems to be wreaking havoc on Newfoundland sea populations, unchecked by natural predators. [read more...]

Good things come in small packages

The study of lichens and the natural compounds they produce may seem fairly obscure, but Dr. Michele Piercey-Normore says the link between pure science and applied science is an important one. [read more...]


Dr. Maggie Atkinson

School of Fine Arts

Cross-cultural Shamanic traditions

​Through more than 30 years of investigating the art and practices of Shamans from many countries throughout the world Dr. Maggie Atkinson discovered that her Irish heritage includes a resurgence of Shamanic practices stemming from ancient Celtic traditions. [read more...]

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