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Seeking squirrels

Squirrels are such a common part of the our outdoor experiences, that we can sometimes forget that they play important roles in our wilderness ecosystems.

Environmental science student Heather Spicer spent her final year of studies researching the impacts and distribution of red squirrels and eastern chipmunks. Her work was supervised by Dr. Erin Fraser, environmental biology. [read more...]


Promoting food security

Very few Newfoundland and Labrador farmers use organic agriculture practices yet consumers are eager to integrate certified, affordable organic foods into their diets. Dr. Gabriela Sabau is determine why this discrepancy exists. [read more...]


Where the wild things are

In a human dominated landscape, wild animals often suffer and disappear. Areas can be repopulated with native species, but the support of the people affected by wildlife management programs is key to their success. [read more...]

When Dad works away

It's a reality for many families in Newfoundland and Labrador that fathers work away. Sometimes they leave for months at a time and in other cases it is for shorter, more frequent rotations. This way of life may secure steady, reliable income for the family, but what are the implications on the ones these fathers leave at home? [read more..]


Breaking Barriers with Friendship

Our identities are influenced by the world we live in and the people we interact with and Daniel Nadolny wants to understand how our links with people from other cultures and groups effects how we see ourselves. [read more...]


Strategies to cope and heal

The premise of Dr. Veronica Hutchings's work is simple – help clients lead happier and more productive lives. The execution of that goal is a little more complex. [read more...]


Mathmetical modelling for the real world

The very idea of studying mathematics fills many of us with anxiety. Olga Vasilyeva wants to help defeat the phobia of mathematics and attract students to studying and applying it's theories in the real world. [read more...]


Making as a Way of Thinking

Ingrid Mary Percy engages with the world through painting, photography, and drawing. "For me, making is a way of thinking. I access the world through drawing," she said. "Articulating a subject with a pencil allows me to know it intimately." [read more...]


Driven by intellectual curiosity

Robert Bailey is quick to explain that pure mathematical research is motivated by intellectual curiosity. But that doesn't mean that many pieces of research can't find real world applications decades after they've been developed. [read more...]


Surplus Women: the role of women during and following the Great War

As a First World War specialist, Dr. White focuses on the war's impact on women, specifically women's employment in the post-war years. As the war ended, government focused on the reintegration of soldiers into the domestic economy. This meant that many women who entered jobs during the war would be expected to relinquish those jobs once the men returned. Women were expected to marry, but given the number of military losses, many feared what a growing gender imbalance of 1.75 million "surplus" women, would mean for the future. [read more...]


Art in Space

Pohl is an assistant professor of technical theatre production in the Grenfell Campus School of Fine Arts. She's been contemplating the idea that techniques used in theatre production could be useful in space travel. "I'm interested in finding ways to support the peaceful movement of people into a space faring future," said Pohl. [read more...]


'What happened is horrific:'

It's often gut-wrenching, but Dr. Rie Croll says there's a sense of urgency in her research aimed at collecting stories of women forcibly confined in female-only laundries and reformatories before they are forever lost to history. [read more...]


Getting to the Root of the Matter

When you're studying agriculture, your research is best conducted in the field.  Dr. Mumtaz Cheema is getting down to the dirt on a 0.2 hectare test field in Pynn's Brook. There he's studying the roots and biomass yield of five corn hybrids, the soil they grow in, and the manure that feeds them. His goal is to find the best hybrid of silage corn for west coast Newfoundland's dairy farmers. [read more...]

Playing many roles

Jerry Etienne believes you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story and his original theatre piece weaves fact with fiction to create Corner Brook's first ghost walk. In partnership with the Stage West Theatre Festival, the mobile performance tells ghostly tales of an apparition with beautiful blue eyes, organs mysteriously playing in a basement and the legend of the lights at the old hospital.  [read more...]

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