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Welcome to INSIGHT-FELL, an online research newsletter that highlights the exciting, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary research of Grenfell Campus's students, staff, and faculty. An initiative of the Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies' office, the newsletter focusses on our individual and group research projects and provides opportunities to share information and connect with each other. Please find links to the content of this INSIGHT-FELL issue below, which covers research from fall 2018, and winter, spring, and summer 2019.

For current and past content...

Please see the INSIGHT-BLOG.

Archived content listed below:

Message from Dr. Kelly Vodden, associate vice-president

WESTERN REGIONAL SCHOOL OF NURSING (click title for articles)
Dawn Pittman: Taking action on health and nutrition.

Peggy Colbourne (Faculty, WRSON), & Dawn Pittman (Faculty, WRSON), in collaboration with Michelle Earle-Crane (PI, Faculty CNS), Andrea Barron (Faculty, CNS)Exploring the Preference of Registered Nurses for Casual Employment.

Peggy Hancock, Daphne Kennedy, and Sandra MacDonald MUN Faculty of Nursing, in collaboration with Christine MacDonald, University of Ottawa and Kathy Watkins, Centre for Nursing StudiesThe Incidence and Experience of Invincivility in Clinical Practice: Nursing Students' Perspectives.

Jennifer Lamswood (Principal Investigator), Gina Billard, Peggy Hancock, Daphne Kennedy, & Pam Moores (Co-Investigators) All WRSON Faculty: A study of the impact of paid employment for nursing students. 

SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT (click title for articles)
Dr. Ian Warkentin: Chasing the grey-Cheeked.

Dr. Telex Magloire N. Ngatched: NSERC Discovery Grant: A Paradigm of Illumination and Communication.

Dr. Jianghua Wo: Investigating effects of soil nitrogen on greenhouse gas emissions.

SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (click title for articles)

Dr. Stephanie McKencie: Poetry and the gusle.

Dr. Rie CrollFollows the life of five women forced to confinement in Magdalene laundries.

Dr. Kelly Warren: Psychology and police interviews of children and seniors.

Dr. John Bodner: A study of rural BC marijuana farmers before its legalization.


SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS (click title for articles)
Prof. Cameron Forbes: The build environment in Western Newfoundland.

Susan Jennings, Stage Manager: On binding information from directors, actors, and technical theatre personnel to successfully run plays and archive the information. 

FERRISS HODGETT LIBRARY (click title for articles)
Stay tuned for research updates from the Ferriss Hodgett Library

The Fast Track to Research, an update: Fostering collaborative relationships between Grenfell and the community researchers

Thriving Regions Partnership Process

Bridging the gap between Grenfell and St. John's campuses 

School representatives on the Research and Graduate Studies Committees


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