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Office of Research and Graduate Studies Updates

Grenfell Campus's Office of Research and Graduate Studies is currently undertaking a number of exciting new projects to foster research and research collaborations on campus and beyond.

The Fast Track to Research project update: 

During the first phase of The Fast Track to Research Project, a database of information and research opportunities from approximately 40 on-campus researchers and 40 off-campus community organizations, businesses, and industry representatives was compiled. The information gathered is now available to the Office of Research for use during the second phase – to connect researchers with organizations for potential collaborations. The first phase helped our office to better understand how to facilitate potential research relationships, and strengthen and increase connections. As the project enters its second phase, we continue to support relationships between researchers and organizations for potential collaborations.

Some of our collaborative research projects include a study of the use of dairy digestate for production of vegetables in greenhouses, in partnership with New World Dairy, and a partnership with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited for the development of the Centre for Research and Innovation. The CBPPL project also includes research on the use of paper mill ash and sludge as a soil amendment and sludge/woody biomass composting. This collaboration will support research on forestry and the development of a strong bioeconomy, as well as other sectors. Grenfell's ongoing support for the CBPPL also aims to facilitate investigation for potential uses for energy harnessed from their operation.

Thriving Regions Partnership update:

The Grenfell Office of Engagement (GO Engagement) is also fostering strong research collaborations that answer the needs of communities throughout the western region. Grenfell, in partnership with the St. John's Campus's Harris Centre, is co-leading the regionally-based Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities (tip of the Northern Peninsula) and Thriving Regions Partnership (Southwest Coast and Baie Verte) initiatives. Grenfell also maintains a vital regional partnership in Gros Morne National Park, working with the organizations such as Gros Morne Cooperating Association (GMCA), Parks Canada, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation (TCII), and the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital. Recently, Grenfell participated in the Gros Morne Regional Discussion, which resulted in four initiatives being undertaken by Gros Morne stakeholders and Grenfell, in collaboration: Arts in the Park, Community Engagement, Environment/Climate Change/Waste Management, and Business Incubator. Stay tuned for future events in Gros Morne, including a Business Incubation event led by Parks Canada, College of the North Atlantic, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and Grenfell's Navigate, to take place in May 2020.


Bridging the gap and upcoming events:

Staff of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, together with the academic and research committees, are working hard to support scholarly activities on campus and beyond. One of the ways we seek to do this is by ensuring information sessions and professional development opportunities offered at the St. John's Campus are made available here through videoconferencing. Additionally, we offer our own information sessions on a variety of topics.

Since the 2018-2019 academic year began, we have offered sessions covering topics such as Researcher Portal training, research finance, and a SSHRC information session for Insight Development grants geared towards fine arts and research creation. As our office continues to support funding applicants, we invite you to attend the following workshops: 

  • Application-Writing Webinar for the CGS Master's Scholarship (Thursday, November 14, 3:00-5:00 pm in FC2015).
  • Getting Funded: A Student's Guide to SSHRC and CGS Applications, hosted by Dr. Mery Perez (Thursday, November 21, 4:30-6:00 pm in FC3019).
  • and Navigating SSHRC Applications: A Panel Discussion on (Monday, December 2,11:00--12:30 pm in FC3019.


School representatives on the Research or Graduate Studies Committees:

Grenfell Campus Research Committee members: Prof. Roy Hansen-Robitschek (School of Fine Arts), Dr. Brett Holfeld (School of Arts and Social Science), Dr. Mumtaz Cheema (School of Science and the Environment), Prof. Dawn Pittman (Western Regional School of Nursing), and Louise McGillis (Ferriss Hodgett Library), and Dr. Kelly Vodden (AVP [Grenfell Campus] Research and Graduate Studies).

Graduate Studies Working Group members: Dr. Mumtaz Cheema (master of boreal ecosystem and agricultural sciences), Prof. Cameron Forbes (master of fine arts), Dr. Gabriela Sabau (master of environmental policy), Dr. Paul Foley (master of environmental policy), Prof. Lynn Kendall (master of management, proposed), Dr. Robert Scott (master of applied geomatics, proposed), Dr. Kelly Vodden (Associate VP [Grenfell Campus] Research and Graduate Studies), Dr. Todd Hennessey (Dean, School of Fine Arts), Dr. Michele Piercey-Normore (Dean, School of Science and the Environment), Dr. Ken Jacobsen (Dean, School of Arts and Social Science), and Nadia Simmons (Senior Secretary, Grad Studies), and Nadia Simmons (Senior secretary-Graduate Studies).

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