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Visitor Approval:
  • All visitors must be pre-approved by the appropreiate Dean on a Visitor Approval Form. This form is used to summarize all anticipated expenses.
  • A copy of the signed Visitor Approval form must be attached to any documents requesting payment of expenses related to the visit, including the visitor's travel expense claim as well as any related event invoices and hosting expenses. An itinerary must be attached to the visitor travel claim to illustrate eligible reimbursements.

Allowable Expenses:

  • Return economy air fare with exceptions as permitted only in accordance with Travel General (Transportation – Air).
  • Once approved, visitor expenses are covered for five full days. Any expenses incurred by the visitor past this time will be the responsibility of the visitor, unless approval is given by the Vice-president (Grenfell Campus).
  • Hotel accommodation expense up to a maximum of five days. Thereafter, accommodation shall be the visitor's responsibility.
  • Accommodation in private homes is allowed, if approved by the appropriate Dean. Reimbursement for the visitor is $25 per night as per the Home Hosting Policy under the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.
  • Meal expenses up to a maximum of five days. Thereafter, meals shall be the visitor's responsibility. Meals are reimbursed in accordance with Per Diem Allowances set out in the Schedule of Reimbursable Expenses.
  • Hosting expenses as detailed in the Hosting Policy. Hosting expenses shall be reimbursed as named on the Visitor Approval Form
  • An application to cover costs not provided in the policy must be made to the Vice-president (Grenfell Campus).
  • There are two options available whereby a visitor can be compensated for the travel costs in addition to acknowledging their assistance to the University via a stipend:

Option 1: Non-Accountable Expenses

  • In a case where the visitor is not required to account to the University for their expenses, completion of sections A and B of the Visitor Approval Form is sufficient to generate payment to the visitor. All visitors should be made aware of the fact that T4A or T4A-NR will be issued for the total payment (SIN # or foreign employment number is required).

Option 2: Accountable Expenses

  • a) If the visitor is required to account for their expenditures to the University, the Visitor Approval Form (Section B) will only be used to generate payment for any stipends owed to the visitor by the University.
  • b) In addition, the visitor must supply the Department of Financial and Administrative Services with the appropriate original voucher on a properly completed Travel Expense Claim Form in order to be reimbursed.
  • c) It is the responsibility of the host faculty to ensure the visitor is made fully aware of the allowable expenses and necessary procedures for completion of the travel claim.
  • d) Section C of the Visitor Approval Form is provided for information purposes only concerning other costs associated with the visit. In addition, the host faculty will inform the Bursars Office and Research Office of other costs to be reimbursed to individuals other than the visitor.

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