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  • A Purchase Requisition Form must be approved before the expense is incurred.
  • If a requisition cannot be obtained prior to purchase due to emergency circumstances please send an email to your Dean or the Research Office for the purchase information including the date, the purpose of the purchase, the cost and the FOAPAL or the project name associated with the costs.


Purchases of $2,500 or Less:

  • No quotations are required for purchases up to $2,500 before taxes.
  • Petty cash is the preferred option for one time purchase under $75.
  • Petty cash is not intended to reimburse purchases that were purposely separated on receipts of less than $75, or for multiple receipts paid for by the same person for the same event. The petty cash form can be obtained at Bursars Office. 


Purchases Greater than $2,500 and up to $25,000 in Value:

  • Three telephone quotations or current catalogue prices must be obtained for purchases of goods and/or services that are greater than $2,500 (before taxes) and up to $25,000 (before taxes) in total value.
  • Quotations should be recorded on a Quotation Summary Log, and a copy attached to the invoice if paying by Direct Pay or Procurement Card, or retained with the Purchase Order if a Purchase Order is the method of acquisition.


Purchases Greater than $25,000 requires an open call for bid. Refer to the procedure for completion of a Form B under the Procedure for Using Public Tender.

For more detail on purchases, please refer to 
Memorial University's Purchasing Policy.

Procurement Card (PCard) purchasing:

  • All items that are eligible to be purchased via petty cash or direct pay form should be purchased using the University's Procurement Card. Certain expenditures, such as travel, hosting, membership and tangible capital assets are not eligible however. 

Purchase orders:

  • Where there are recurring payments, charge accounts or where tenders are involved, a purchase order must be used for control and commitment purposes.
  • All expenditures made using the Procurement Card must follow the Purchasing Policy.

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