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​To Travel:

  • Always complete a Travel Request Form prior to traveling and obtain all necessary signatures (original signatures are required on all forms).
  • The Travel Request Form must be completely filled out with FOAPAL information if the claim is to be charged to a research FOAPAL.
  • Please submit the travel request form to the research office for review. Research Office staff will forward the form to the Bursars Office, where it will be retained until any accompanying travel claims are later submitted.
  • A conference brochure, agenda, or prospectus must be attached to the travel request to indicate the purpose of the conference and any included meals. This can be forwarded it to the Research Office once available online.
  • The Travel Expense Claim Form should be submitted to the Research Office within 10 working days of a trip's completion.
  • Always include original itemized receipts with the travel claim.
  • Please refer to Per Diem Allowances guidelines to help with calculating your meal per diems if you claim any meals.
  • Acceptable documentation to support proof of travel should include at least one of the following:
      • a boarding pass (paper or printed copy of a boarding pass or the image of an electronic boarding pass, that clearly indicates flight information), or
      • a hotel invoice at the travel destination, or
      • taxi/transit receipts to/from the airport destination, or
      • a record of conference attendance
  • For lost or unavailable receipts fill out the Affidavit Form.
  • When traveling outside of the province and using a personal vehicle, an economy flight quote at least 14 days prior to travel must be submitted with the travel request and travel claim. Use the Bank of Canada website to obtain currency exchange rates or provide proof of exchange paid by including your credit card statement. If the country travelled to is not on the Bank of Canada list, use the website Oanda.
  • Use the MUN established mileage rate within NL and actual original gas receipts outside NL. Check the schedule of reimbursable expenses for the Vehicle Mileage Allowance.
  • If you interrupt or extended your travel to accommodate non-University business, a quote for the expenses related to the University business portion must be provided.
  • The starting point and destination of a taxi trip must be stated on the taxi receipt or on the travel claim.
  • Rental of vehicles are authorized only when it's the most economical means of transportation or when it's justifiable under special circumstances. Written justification must accompany travel claims. DO NOT accept the collision damage waiver option or personal accident insurance. When on University business outside of Canada and the United States, vehicle rentals require prior approval of the of the Chief Risk Officer. If an international rental is approved, the Office of the Chief Risk Officer will provide direction on whether a collision damage waiver option or personal accident insurance may be appropriate.
  • Provide a written explanation for excess luggage.

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