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Development of Training Opportunities


Development of training opportunities for CBBPL employees at CNA and GC

The third component of the Centre of Research and Innovation project is focused on industry and student training opportunities. Key partners in the training component are CNA, CBPPL and GC. The training component of the Research and Innovation Centre represents a strategy for long-term employment and succession planning at CBPPL through the development of training initiatives tailored to meet skill requirements. It will ensure that CBPPL’s s current and future workforce will have the necessary skills for the mill to prosper. CNA is currently leading discussions with CBPPL on a project to develop and deliver training for CBPPL employees as a long-term strategy for succession planning for skilled workers at the mill. Discussions between CNA and CBPPL on training as a long-term success strategy will address the need of CBPPL for increased employee retention. In addition, co-operation between CNA and CBPPL may also provide a strategy for recruitment and training of potential new employees, thus also benefiting future CNA students. The training program would be housed in the proposed Innovation Centre facilities, within the mill and at CNA’s Corner Brook Campus.

The first goal of this component is to ensure the right skill sets exist within CBPPL to drive an innovation agenda and to introduce new products at the mill. The second goal is to make employment opportunities at CBPPL more accessible to individuals in the western region through the development of a training program in pulp and paper processes at CNA. Finally, the third goal is employee retention at CBPPL by improving the skills of current CBPPL employees through training opportunities at CNA.

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