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Religious studies

Religious Studies courses do not have prerequisites. Students who register in a 3000- or 4000-level course are encouraged, however, to make sure that they have adequate preparation for that course, preferably by having completed a first- or second-year course in the field.

Religious Studies courses are designated by RELS.



1000 The Religions of the World is an introduction to the beliefs and practices of the world's religions.

CR: the former RELS 2010


2013  Christianity is a study of the Christian tradition, its development and variety from the early Church to the modern era. The course will include an examination of the beliefs and practices of both Eastern and Western Christianity and a study of the main differences among the major Western denominations.


2050 The Old Testament is an introduction to the historical background, literary structure, and content of the Old Testament. Emphasis will be placed on the authorship and dating of the various texts that comprise the Old Testament, as well as on major themes, figures, and events.


2051  The New Testament is an introduction to the history and literary structure of the documents comprising the New Testament. Emphasis will be placed on the major themes found in these documents and on the distinctiveness of approach of the individual writers.


2330  Judaism is an introduction to central beliefs and practices of the Jewish faith, from its beginnings to the modern era.


2340 Islam examines the tradition in its historical and contemporary manifestations; Muhammad, the Qur'an, Islamic sects, relations with Judaism and Christianity; trends and developments in contemporary Islamic thought and practice. CR: the former RELS 3340.


2350 Religious Institutions (same as Anthropology 2350) is a contextual study of religious institutions and beliefs, calendrical feasts and solemnities, religious roles and hierarchies, ritual innovation and revitalization. CR: Anthropology 2350, the former Sociology/Anthropology 2350, the former Sociology 2350


2400 Buddhism examines the history of Buddhist traditions in Asia, with consideration of the major developments in Buddhist philosophy, institutions, and practices.

CR: the former RELS 3400


2410 Hinduism examines the history of Hindu religious traditions, their major religious texts, institutions, and practices, and their role in social, political, and cultural movements in India and in Hindu diaspora communities..

CR: the former RELS 3410


2800 Gender and Sexualities in Western Religions  examines attitudes toward and treatment and construction of gender and sexualities in Western religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and New Religious Movements. Contemporary evaluations of these traditions from gender studies perspectives will be considered.


2801 Gender and Sexualities in Asian Religions examines gender and sexuality in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and folk traditions in Asia. Contemporary evaluations of these traditions from gender studies perspectives will be considered.


2811 Contemporary Religious Movements explores the development and forms of modern, western spiritualties, such as modern witchcraft, Neo-pagan religions, Mother Earth spirituality, UFO religion and the New Age Movement.


2812 Religion and Popular Culture focuses on the portrayal and treatment of religion in popular culture and the ways in which religious and mythic themes are expressed in such pop culture forums as television shows, films, music, mass-market fiction and material culture.


2830 Religion and Popular Music explores the religious themes and images found in popular music and song, considering the role of music as a vehicle for religious expression.


3200 Jesus of Nazareth is a study the historical Jesus. Beginning with an assessment of the relevant source material, this course explores what can be known about the life of Jesus of Nazareth in its historical and cultural contexts.


3210 Paul and His Writings  is a study of the writings of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament, and his contribution to Christianity in the cultural and historical milieu in which he lived and was active.


3310 Judaism at Time of Jesus will explore the developments in Jewish thought, institutions, beliefs, and practices from the Babylonian Exile of the sixth century B.C.E. to the time of Jesus, King Herod and the Roman Empire of the first century C.E.

CR: the former RELS 3220


3401 Zen, Buddhist Meditation, and Buddhist Psychology 

examines the relationship between meditation and theories of human psychology in Buddhism from its origins to its formulation in Zen.


3820 Religion and the Arts 

(same as Visual Arts 3820) is an examination of the role of art in the expression of religious ideas, together with a study of specific religious themes and concerns in one or more of the following: literature, film, music, painting, sculpture and dance.

CR: Visual Arts 3820


3880 Religion, Worldviews, and the Environment examines the human connection to the natural world as expressed in traditional religions, indigenous worldviews and contemporary approaches to environmental crises.

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