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Recent Graduates

Historical studies

​A few graduates will go on to be professional historians. Altogether, a historical education, because it instills flexibility of mind and a range of solid, enduringly relevant skills, affords the graduate at least as many opportunities as any other Arts degree.

John Conor Curtis (2015)

Conor's HIST 4950 paper dealt with environmental activism which developed in the Niagara Region of the United States and Canada during third quarter of the Twentieth Century. The title of his project was "Similarities and Differences: Activism at Griffon Manor and Love Canal in Relation to the Environmental Movement of the 1960s and '70s." Throughout his degree, Conor was active in a number of Grenfell Campus organizations and societies, such as the Grenfell Campus Student Union, and he continues to volunteer extensively. Currently he is working towards a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Policy, with particular focus on climate change impacts in Newfoundland and Labrador.


David Robinson (2009)

I started my undergraduate degree when I was 16. I was unsure exactly what I wanted to study until I took my first History course. Grenfell's Historical Studies Program has many advantages, starting with excellent faculty. Throughout my four years in the program, each of the faculty members consistently proved willing to offer one-on-one guidance and support. Building upon the excellent faculty-student relationship is another great advantage of the program: the small class sizes. Each class is not merely a lecture, but a space open for questions and meaningful discussion. The small size of the department also creates a collegial atmosphere amongst students, who inevitably take multiple classes together. During my time at Grenfell, I built close friendships with my fellow students which we have maintained long after graduating. Finally, the fourth-year Independent Project offered me an opportunity to conduct in-depth research with primary sources. Although this felt like a daunting task at the time, it solidified my interest in History and encouraged me to pursue graduate studies. Now I am doing my PhD at the University of Toronto and could not feel better prepared for such an undertaking as a result of my time at Grenfell.  


David Robinson, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, University of Toronto


Dan Monafu (2009)

"The historical studies program afforded me a solid classical education in the best sense of the word: I've learned to read well and, importantly, think well. Time and again, I've used the critical thinking lens that was instilled in me through the program. History, context, and perspective matter, and having that understanding as you function in society is an immeasurable professional asset and a great life skill. A quick note about the faculty; they really do know you by name, and they care a great deal about you succeeding. In my case, those relationships have continued well beyond my undergraduate days. My professors were an excellent source of strength and encouragement as I took on the bigger world. Enjoy your time at Grenfell - it is very special place."


Dan Monafu (danmonafu.com) is a community builder, serial entrepreneur, and public servant. He is the founder of Soup Ottawa, a recurring micro-grant participatory dinner event, and co-founder of Ottawa (de)tours, a critical-thinking walking tour social enterprise. In the federal government, Dan is currently Senior Policy Analyst with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Dan graduated from the Historical Studies program in 2009.


Carolynne Gabriel (2008)  

"The Historical Studies program at Grenfell met all the expectations I had when I chose to attend a smaller university. The small class sizes created an environment of welcomed participation and involvement and the professors were the most encouraging and supportive instructors I have ever had. They are experts in their fields and are passionate about sharing their knowledge. The emphasis placed on teaching students to analyse critically and to think independently has helped me immensely as I moved into my post-graduate studies (Masters of Library and Information Science) where critically evaluating information, from past or present, is key."

Chair, Historical Studies

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