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Psychology Society


The PSYCHOLOGY SOCIETY is a student-run organization. For up to date news and events hosted by the Psychology Society, LIKE us on Facebook!​

Fundraising activities allow the society to:

  • Host socials with psychology professors
  • Organize graduation festivities
  • Plan psychology-related events
  • Donate funds for non-profit organizations


The Psychology Society's goals are to raise awareness about mental health, engage students in the field of psychology, and to foster a positive and encouraging learning environment for students. These goals are accomplished by:

  1. Increasing awareness about mental health and decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health issues.
  2. Giving back to mental health issues in the community through fundraising.
  3. Catering to students at Grenfell Campus through fun events and fundraisers.


The Psychology Society meets in the Dem Room once a week. We are always looking for new members and volunteers! It’s a great way to meet other students, interact with professors, and get involved in campus life.

The Dem Room (AS 348) is a meeting place for all psychology students. Feel free to use this space to:

  • Work on your courses
  • Use the computers and other psychology resources
  • Socialize / de-stress with other psychology students
  • Stay informed by reading relevant notices posted on dem room boards


Abigail Peyton.jpgAbigail Peyton, President

 My name is Abigail Peyton, and I am in my fourth year of a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Psychology. I have been a general member of the Psychology Society for two years and I am extremely excited to be this years president. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and what it has in store. The Psychology Society is open to anyone, regardless of your major! I hope to see new faces as well as many returning ones. I am hoping to make this year great, with lots of opportunities to have fun, raise awareness, reduce stigma, and make new friends! If you have any questions or just want to have a chat, you can usually find me in the Dem Room (AS 348) or send me an email! I hope to see you around!


Felicia Park.jpgElizabeth van Vliet, Vice President

My name is Elizabeth van Vliet. I'm entering my last semester of my BA. (Hons.) in psychology, and this semester I've taken over the VP position from Felicia Park, who has graduated. I've been a general member of the Psych Society since my second year and I am really excited to continue on with it this semester. We welcome all members, psych major or not, and we value different perspectives. The Psych Society has a ton of amazing people involved in it at every level and we'd love to see you come by at any point! Getting involved in school activities is a great way to meet new people, support the community, and get the most out of your university experience. I'm always available to talk about anything so feel free to send me a message over email, Facebook, or any other medium you want! We'd love to see more new faces in the upcoming winter semester.


Taylor Burt.jpgTaylor Burt, Secretary

Hi there! My name is Taylor Burt, and I'm in the fourth year of my B.Sc. (Hons.) in Psychology. I'm usually in the library working away at something, but distractions are always welcome so feel free to stop by and have a chat. My last two years at Grenfell have been absolutely awesome, and I think the initiatives and events facilitated by the Psychology Society add so much to the experience of any and all Grenfell students! I really want to get everyone involved this year. So even if you're new to Grenfell, I would really encourage you to get out, and try something different! I hope to make this a year of fun-filled activities, helpful fundraisers, and new friends! If you have any questions about anything please don't hesitate to ask or send me an email!


Amanda Saunders.jpegTara McCarthy, Treasurer

Hi everyone! My name is Tara McCarthy and I am currently in my fourth year of a BSc. (Hons.) in Psychology. I've been involved with the Psychology Society since my second year and I now have the opportunity to be a member of the executive as the treasurer. Being involved with the society is a fantastic way to not only stay connected with peers, but also participate in events to raise awareness for various aspects of psychology and help reduce stigma. I'm often in the Psychology Demonstration Room (AS 348), so if you have any questions I would be more than happy to help! I hope you all have a great year, and hopefully I'll see some new faces around!


Chloe Briand.jpgChloe Briand, Social Media Representative

Hi! My name is Chloe Briand. I will be starting my third year of a science degree in psychology in the fall. Not only am I entering my second last year of undergrad, I am also one of the society's social media representatives. My goal is to become a clinical psychologist. Therefore, I decided to immerse myself into the psychology community at Grenfell. From participating in research studies to attending Psychology Society meetings, these experiences have given me a more profound understanding of psychology itself. If you're curious about what the psychology society entails, just drop by the Dem Room. I look forward to seeing you there!


Anna Dollimount.jpgAnna Dollimount, Social Media Representative

Hey everyone, my name is Anna Dollimount! I am in my second year of a BSc. in Psychology and I have loved every moment of it so far. One of my favourite experiences of doing a Psychology Major has been being a member of the Psychology Society! I was a general member my first year, and now I am one of the two Social Media Representatives. Being a general member and watching how well the executive worked together really inspired me to get more involved. I hope we will get to see many new and returning faces this year. I look forward to working with everyone to continue making the Psychology Society a friendly and welcoming place. Our society is open to people of all majors and we value the ideas of everyone. If you see me around feel free to say hi or ask me any questions you may have! See you in the fall!

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