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Daniel Nadolny

daniel_nadolny_0586.jpgDaniel Nadolny, B.A. (Hons.)(York), M.A., Ph.D. (Waterloo)

Assistant Professor

Office: AS343
Phone: (709) 639-4874
Website: https://fac.grenfell.mun.ca/dnadolny/SitePages/Home.aspx

Teaching Interests

My primary teaching interests focus on topics related to social psychology. I also teach introductory psychology courses, research methods and statistics, and upper-year courses including seminars and systems of psychology.

I’m very interested in working with an honours thesis student or two each year, as well as students who would like to learn more about social psychological research! In particular, contact me if you are interested in using experimental methods to address social/societal problems, such as increasing positive intergroup interact, prosocial behaviour, and successful goal pursuit.

I have lots of advice for students, which you can find here: https://fac.grenfell.mun.ca/dnadolny/SitePages/For-Students.aspx!

Research Interests

My research interest lies in the intersection between the exploration of social psychological theories, and the growing problems of the human condition that surround us. My research so far has included work on encouraging positive multicultural interest, prosocial intentions and behaviour (including environmentally-friendly behaviours), as well as goals and motivation. I am also planning research related to pedagogy – contact me if you are an instructor at Grenfell (or elsewhere) and interested in working together to study the impact of teaching techniques and other ways to help students learn, and become interested in the material. If you would like to see some of my own techniques that I recommend to others, check out my website: https://fac.grenfell.mun.ca/dnadolny/SitePages/Teaching.aspx.

I am always willing to chat about teaching or research – feel free to stop by my office throughout the year to say hi and share your thoughts!

Peer-Reviewed Publications

I look for ways to share the work that I have done with students. Listed below are academic presentations I have given based on work done with Grenfell students:

Nadolny, D., Feltham, M. (2020, February). Increasing pro-multicultural attitudes through social connections and referents. Poster presented at the 21st annual Society of Personality and Social Psychology Conference, New Orleans, LA.

For an independent project, Mary independently came up with a question that I had been wondering about, and did a lot of work designing a study and collecting data, which was presented as part of a package of studies.

Nadolny, D., O’Reilly, Rebecca N. (2018, January). Increasing support for intimate partner violence victims. Poster presented at the 19th annual Society of Personality and Social Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA.

In her honours thesis, Rebecca developed her own hypothesis and study, using a nice, clean manipulation, finding exciting results regarding increasing support for intimate partner violence victims/survivors. I provided methodological, theoretical and statistical assistance, and put together the poster for this work, though she really deserves the majority of the credit!

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Milyavskaya, M. & Nadolny, D. (2018). Health goals among American adults: Prevalence, characteristics, and barriers. Journal of Health Psychology, 23(10), 1350-1355.

Milyavskaya, M., Nadolny, D., & Koestner, R. (2015). Why do people set more self-concordant goals in need satisfying domains? Testing authenticity as a mediator. Personality and Individual Differences, 77131-136.

Milyavskaya, M., Nadolny, D., & Koestner, R. (2014). Where do self-concordant goals come from? The role of domain-specific psychological need satisfaction. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40(6), 700-711.

Bashir, N., Lockwood, P., Chasteen, A., Nadolny, D., & Noyes, I. (2013). The ironic impact of activists: Negative stereotypes reduce social change influence. European Journal of Social Psychology, 43(7), 614-626.

Phills, C., Kawakami, K., Tabi, E., Nadolny, D., & Inzlicht, M. (2011). Mind the gap: Increasing associations between the self and Blacks with approach behaviors. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 100, 197-210.

Honours Supervision at Grenfell

I have previously supervised undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo, for honours theses (often jointly with Dr. Steven Spencer), and through my own lab. At Grenfell, I have been fortunate to supervise some great students (in addition to working with great students in my lab!):

Mandi-Lynn Noble: Judgments of moral dilemmas

Renee Pender: Digital nature and cell phone effects on affect and social connectedness

Elizabeth van Vliet: Attitudes towards missing women

Bethany Bernier: Perceptions of Indigenous identity in relation to cultural participation

Cody Chard: Does sense of humour depend on your level of extraversion?

Cory Brake: The effects of mirth and elevation on judgments of cyber-based moral violations

Chelsea Pink: What’s he at? A study of stereotypes in Newfoundland

Note: For those unfamiliar with Newfoundland dialects, “What’re you at” is a way to ask how you are doing. The standard response is “This is it”. 

Sofia Descalzi: Educational videos and exposure to nature as predictors of environmentally responsible behaviours among university students

Rebecca O’Reilly: Perceptions of social supports and services for intimate partner violence victims

Brandon Goulding: Happy to help: Further exploring the relationship between subjective well-being and prosocial behaviour

Graduate Supervision at Grenfell

Grenfell has no graduate program in psychology. However, I have been fortunate to work with graduate students through Grenfell’s Environmental Policy Institute, particularly the Masters of Arts in Environmental Policy Program. Below are the students that I have had some role in supervising for their research.

Amanda Affram: Title to be determined.

Sien Van den broeke: What are the psychosocial determinants of pro-environmental waste management behaviour of residents in rural communities?

Co-supervised with Dr. Kelly Vodden

Abdul-Rahim Abdulai: Motivating the future farmers? Understanding farmer attraction and retention policy interventions in Newfoundland and Labrador’s agriculture.

Served on supervisory committee, supervisor was Dr. Roza Tchoukaleyska

Engagement with the Community

I look for ways to create opportunities to engage the community, which you can see here: https://fac.grenfell.mun.ca/dnadolny/SitePages/Engagement.aspx

If you are a community member or faculty/staff interested in working on a project together related to engagement that may fit with my interests, please feel free to get in touch!

Chair, Psychology

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: AS 346
Phone: (709) 639-2740
Email: bholfeld@grenfell.mun.ca

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