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LI-Grenfell live/online

Social cultural studies

The Labrador Institute-Grenfell Campus live/online experience is an exciting way to learn! Students in Labrador will share a "classroom" with students at Grenfell Campus.

Starting this fall, the Labrador Institute and Grenfell Campus will offer this full-time, second-year university program with a combination of live, video and online courses. Here's what you need to know:


Fall courses:

  1. Folklore 1000: Introduction to folklore (live from Happy Valley-Goose Bay)
  2. Social/Cultural Studies 2000: Introduction to social/cultural studies (live from Grenfell)
  3. English 2160: North American Aboriginal literature (live from Happy Valley-Goose Bay)
  4. History 3520: Aboriginal history to 1763 (live from Grenfell)
  5. History 1005: Critical reading and writing in Aboriginal and Indigenous studies (live from Grenfell)


For more information

Dr. Martha MacDonald 
(709) 896-6213

Dr. Rie Croll
(709) 639-6477

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