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School of Fine Arts

​Welcome to the School of Fine Arts. This school includes the following programs: theatre and visual arts.

todd_hennessey_6573_cropped[1].jpgI started my career as a student at Grenfell Campus, and I am so excited to be in this role of dean. My team and I are committed to offering a program that teaches budding artists the fundamentals while embracing emerging technologies. Our programming is also changing to meet the needs of what students need to be successful in their careers- be it teaching students business skills, pursuing the development of graduate programing or offering movement and voice classes. We have always been, and will continued to be, accessible to our students. I look forward to hearing from you and I'll be seeking student representation to help shape the future of the SFA.

It's an exciting time in the arts, and for those of us responsible for educating upcoming fine artists. We have to stay focused on the fundamentals but our students need to be knowledgeable in emerging technologies. The basics will stay the basics; we're left figuring out how to deal with all the new technologies. Students want to know how to put film in camera and how to create digital effects in their plays; it's definitely about striking a balance. And we have to be sure we are giving students the skills they need – be training in dance or teaching them some sense of how to operate a business.

School of Fine Arts

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