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Friday, March 31: 12-2pm
Monday, April 3: 2-4pm
Tuesday, April 4: 12-2pm, 6:30-8pm
Wednesday, April 5: 2-4pm, 6:30-8pmm
Thursday, April 6: 2-4pm, 6:30-8pm
Saturday, April 8: 6:30-8pm

Upcoming productions - Winter 2023

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Anything to Declare, by Maruice Hennequin and Pierre Verber. Adapted by Jerry Etienne


Anything to Declare is a comedic farce that takes place around 1910, during the Belle Époque in Paris. It was a time of peace, prosperity, and an abundance of art. Paris was alive with cafes, painters, sculptors, musicians, theatre, the Moulin Rouge, the Follies Bergère, and Burlesque. Young people were innocent and pure. At the same time, affairs and courtesans were commonplace. A collection of colourful characters, costumes and coincidences, an unusually profuse use of euphemisms, and an unabashed abuse of an abundance of useless alliterations catapult us along at break-neck speed down a perilous path in search of the awesome and delectable mystery of marriage.

Anything to Declare will be directed by Jerry Etienne with set design by Vickie Marston, costume design by roy Hansen-robitschek, and lighting design by Renate Pohl. The production will feature the work of our graduating fourth year BFA Theatre students. 
Anything to Declare runs March 8th to 11th at 8:00pm in the Fine Arts Theatre.

Our Little Life — Revisiting The Tempest in 2023


For the first time in many years, Theatre at Grenfell will be presenting a ‘Collaborative Creation-based’ production. Using Shakespeare’s The Tempest as a springboard, students in 2nd and 3rd year will create and perform a whole new show.

Our Little Life is set at and around Green Point in Gros Morne National Park, sometime after a major pandemic and severe climate change events (let’s say the year 2037). Here we meet a small community that has been separated from the rest of the world. When others arrive, differing histories create the possibility for change and demand that everyone choose their future - at Green Point or in the wider world.

Led by faculty member Alex Fallis, the creation and rehearsal processes use physical and vocal improvisation, character development exercises and writing prompts to allow the company to create characters that reflect current concerns and questions. The production has a wonderfully flexible stage design by Vickie Marston, costumes tailored to the character creation process by roy Hansen-robitschek, and lighting by Renate Pohl aimed at evoking the storms and shores of western Newfoundland. All of this is realized through the efforts and talents of the Theatre at Grenfell students.

Be prepared for storms, comedy and a unique and timely exploration of the idea of home and place in a changing world. 

Our Little Life runs April 4th to 6th and 8th at 8:00pm in the Grenfell Campus Fine Arts Theatre.

Past Productions

Hedda Gabler, by Henrik Ibsen

Hedda Gabler.jpg

Grenfell Theatre is proud to present Hedda Gabler by the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Hedda is the proud daughter of a general trapped in a marriage and stuck in a world she can't control. This production re-frames this 1890's classic in the early 1970's - the time of shag carpets, wide lapels, and the dawn of modern feminism. 

Hedda Gabler will be directed by Michael Waller with set and costume design by Vickie Marston and roy Hansen-robitschek, and lighting design by Renate Pohl. The production will feature the work of our talented Grenfell Theatre school students. 

Hedda Gabler runs November 2nd to 5th at 8:00pm in the Fine Arts Theatre.

The Winter’s Tale, by William Shakespeare

Winters Tale.jpg

Shakespeare returns again and again to themes of jealousy and remorse, and the passions associated with these emotions. In The Winter’s Tale he throws a spotlight on the psychological ‘instant’ when something is perceived that can never be unseen - that all-too-human tendency to jump to conclusion - the blink of an eye when an assumption unleashes a flood of willful misunderstanding. Out of the ensuing wreckage a lot of questions emerge: how much punishment is sufficient when you have committed a serious crime? Where does passion-killing fall on the spectrum? What about regret and penance? Is forgiveness possible? These complex questions are illuminated through the innocence of children, and the wonder of a fairy tale. This play offers a young creative ensemble the chance to dig deep into themes of immediate topical relevance, through a variety of meaty roles, by means of Shakespeare’s glorious and challenging language.


The Winter’s Tale will be directed by by guest artist Jeannette Lambermont-Morey, with set and costume design by Vickie Marston and roy Hansen-robitschek, and lighting design by Renate Pohl. The Winter’s Tale runs November 23rd to 26th at 8:00pm in the Fine Arts Theatre.

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