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Hamlet: About the play

Shakespeare Live!

About the play: HAMLET TODAY, 2017 

Modern European celebrity royals dealing with the intense scrutiny of a family scandal. Living under the microscope. A little bit Buckingham palace, a little bit House of Oldenberg, a little bit Hello magazine, even a little bit Riverdale (the TV show) … But dark.

Two families each lose their patriarch – one royal, one common – how do they handle it? And what does the clamouring public want? 

We see the powerful grief of the mob – think Princess Diana—and we see a young prince caught in the eye of the storm – a man who would be private but can't be.

Fast-paced and very physical. Living, athletic language telling a high-stakes story!

Oh yeah, and it's about revenge.


The play features the acting and backstage work of the students of the Grenfell Theatre department.  

Dates: Nov. 22 - 25 at 8 p.m. 

Location: Grenfell Theatre, Fine Arts Building.

Tickets are available online.​

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