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Affiliated Faculty

Transdisciplinary Sustainability

The faculty members listed below have indicated interest in potentially supervising TRSU students or serving on supervisory committees (though it does not necessarily mean that they currently have the capacity and/or funding to take on a new student). Please note that securing the support of a potential supervisor is an essential part of a competitive application, but it is not a guarantee that admission will be offered.

Faculty in the School of Science and Environment at Grenfell Campus

Mumtaz Cheema (Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences)

Chad Cuss (Environmental Science)

Stephen Decker (Environment and Sustainability)

Paul Foley (Environmental Policy)

Lakshman Galagedara (Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences)

Robert Gallant (Computational Mathematics)

Morteza Haghiri (Environment and Sustainability)

Andreas Klinke (Environmental Policy)

Mano Krishnapillai (Environmental Science)

Camille Ouellet Dallaire (Environment and Sustainability)

Garrett Richards (Environmental Policy) - unable to take on new students in 2024

Gabriela Sabau (Environment and Sustainability)

Shegufa Shetranjiwalla (Environmental Science)

Adrian Unc (Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences)

Olga Vasilyeva (Computational Mathematics)

Kelly Vodden (Environmental Policy) - currently unable to take on new students

Jianghua Wu (Environment and Sustainability)

Faculty in Other Schools at Grenfell Campus

Maggie Atkinson (Visual Arts)

John Bodner (Social Cultural Studies)

Kelly-Anne Butler (Humanities)

Gerard Curtis (Visual Arts)

Cameron Forbes (Visual Arts)

Shoshannah Ganz (English)

Robert Hengeveld (Visual Arts)

Todd Hennessy (Theatre)

Rachel Jekanowski (English)

William Newell (Business Administration)

Roselyne Okech (Tourism)

AKM Shahidullah (Business Administration)

D’Arcy Wilson (Visual Arts)

Faculty at Other MUN Campuses

Ashlee Cunsolo (Labrador Campus)

Kelly Hawboldt (St. John’s Campus: Engineering)

Roberto Martinez Espineira (St. John’s Campus: Economics)

Sean McGrath (St. John’s Campus: Philosophy)

C. Michael Wernerheim (St. John’s Campus: Economics)

Adjunct Faculty (may serve as committee members)

John Dagevos (Tilburg University: Sustainable Development)

David McKenzie (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Agronomy)

Graduate Studies

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