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Resource management



The bachelor of arts (major in resource management) is no longer being offered. This program has been merged with the bachelor of resource management (major in sustainable resource management) to form the bachelor of environment and sustainability (with majors in (i) environmental studies and (ii) resource management). Students who are already enrolled in this major may complete the program in accordance with the academic regulations outlined in Memorial University's academic calendar for the year they enrolled in the program, or may instead switch to the bachelor of environment and sustainability  following consultation with the program chair and by completing a Change of Academic Program form.

The resource management (BES) program bridges scientific concerns about natural resources with policy development and management. The four-year degree program draws on existing courses shared among different programs at Grenfell Campus and also introduces new courses.


Why study sustainable resource management at Grenfell?

Human demands on our precious natural resources are increasing. The need to protect these resources is greater than ever. Our society, economy and planet need educated professionals who can find that balance.

Sustainable resource management is ideal for students who love the outdoors and are looking to design environmental solutions for the future. It is about better managing our valuable renewable and nonrenewable resources. You'll take a holistic approach, exploring ethics, economics, science, activism and policy. You'll look at issues through both local and global lenses. You'll explore the issues of environmental economics, including the complex relationships between scarcity and demand, and abundance and waste.

Your studies

You can avail of hands-on learning through field courses offered at Bonne Bay Marine Station.

 This is a multidisciplinary degree that equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a responsible, passionate resource manager. You'll gain a broad theoretical perspective on resource management, and you'll learn to apply it to renewable and non-renewable resources. You will experience the amazing nature of western Newfoundland during the outdoor pursuits course where you will learn skills like kayaking, skiing, low impact camping and hiking.

It's local

Learning about natural resources cannot be confined to a classroom. In Corner Brook, you'll have lots of opportunities to see first hand the resource management challenges and opportunities presented by local industry. We've got pulp and paper, hydroelectricity, oil and gas crude products, and fish and forestry industries. There are national parks, ecological reserves, a model forest network and other protected areas.

You may work with faculty on research such as the Humber River Basin Project, a comprehensive collection of research initiatives that will help us learn more about the sustainable use of water and land resources not far from campus.

It's affordable

You'll enjoy the lowest tuition rate in English-speaking Canada. The provincial government gives high priority to education, providing extensive funding to Memorial University. This commitment allows us to offer an affordable yet high-quality post-secondary education.

It's personal

At Grenfell, your professors will know you by name. Our low student-instructor ratio ensures that your learning will be personal and intimate. With just over 1,300 students on campus, you'll make real connections with your classmates and become an important part of the Grenfell community.

Meet our resource management faculty and staff.

Information for first-year students

As a Grenfell student, you can take advantage of several travel opportunities. Travel to Belize where you can study sustainable development and in your spare time you can explore the barrier reef. Participate in the National Student Exchange (NSE) Program, where you pay Grenfell tuition rates and study in another NSE member university in Canada or the United States. Or study French in the Frecker Program, offered in St. Pierre et Miquelon, French islands off the coast of Newfoundland. You can even hop across the pond" and study at Memorial's Harlow Campus in England.

Career opportunities

Our graduates are recognized and are working globally in a wide range of fields:

  •     Resource management, in the public service or private industry
  •     Environmental policy development and planning
  •     Ecological restoration
  •     Environmental education
  •     Park interpreter
  •     Journalism
  •     Research
  •     Non-governmental organizations

Graduates are also well prepared for advanced studies in:

  •     Resource management
  •     Geography
  •     Environmental studies
  •     Environmental policy
  •     Sustainability science

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