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Lakshman Galagedara

Lakshman Ga​​lagedara, B.Sc. (Hons.) (University of Peradeniya), M.Agri.(Obihiro University), Ph.D. (Guelph) 

Phone: (709) 639-2565


Office: AS3020

Associate Professor – Environmental Science/BERI


My research focus is on land and water resources development & management leading to sustainable ecosystems, agriculture, and water and food security. The continuous increasing global population will put more pressure on land and water as they are the most important natural resources, as far as water supply, agriculture and ecosystem sustainability are concerned. The greatest challenge that scientists, engineers, economists and policy makers face today is guaranteeing water and food security for the ever increasing global population while managing land and water resources without damaging the vital eco-systems. Development and management of water resources has become a very complex issue since water is considered a social good. Changing climate has put additional pressures and complexities on land and water resources. Maintaining economic efficiency, social equity and ecosystem sustainability while achieving water and food security for people therefore, has been received much attention today than ever before. Thus, interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary approaches are needed to develop and manage land and water resources. On-going research works: (i) Mapping spatio-temporal variability of soil hydraulic and physical properties using EMI in managed and natural landscapes in Western Newfoundland; (ii) Hydrogeophysical characterization of agricultural soils with integrated GPRI-EMI; (iii) Quantitative and qualitative inventory of organic waste in support of enhanced valorization through integrated re-use; (iv) Water retention properties of agricultural soils in western Newfoundland amended with Biochar; (v) High value added agricultural production through on-farm, integrated, re-use of nutrients from dairy liquid waste streams; (vi) Long term climatic data analysis and trend prediction: upcoming challenges for agricultural management in western Newfoundland;  (vii) Interdisciplinary water resources management (IWRM) in the context of climate change, gender and equity issues in Sri Lanka.

Research Interests

  • Hydrological modeling and effect of climate change on land & water resources and food security
  • Hydrological processes and functions from pedon to watershed scales
  • Hydrogeophysics – application of non-invasive geophysics to near surface hydrology
  • Modeling of water and contaminant transport through porous media
  • Agricultural water productivity
  • Interdisciplinary approaches in sustainable water resources & watershed management
  • Water pollution control and wastewater treatment

Current Research Projects and Grants

1. Assessment of the nutrient value and utilisation options for anaerobic digestate obtained from a dairy liquid waste stream.

2. Mapping spatio-temporal variability of apparent electrical conductivity in managed and natural landscape in western Newfoundland.

3. Evaluating the productivity and stability of major rice based annual cropping systems in the dry zone of Sri Lanka through modeling approach.

4. Interdisciplinary water resources management (IWRM) in the context of climate change, gender and equity issues in Sri Lanka

Recent Publications

  1. Kumara, G.M.P.*, Samarakon, D.L., Wijewardana, D.P., Mowjood, M.I.M., Galagedara, L.W. (2017).
  2. Evaluation of paddy fields systems layout for other field crops (OFC) in minor irrigation systems.
  3. Tropical Agricultural Research, 27 (accepted).
  4. Badewa, E.*, Unc, A., Cheema, M., Kavanagh, V., Galagedara, L. (2017). Soil moisture mapping using
  5. multi-frequency and multi-coil electromagnetic induction sensors on managed podzols. Precision
  6. Agriculture (Submitted - Ref: PRAG-D-17-00217).
  7. Badewa, E.*, Unc, A., Cheema, M., Galagedara, L. (2017). Soil apparent electrical conductivity (ECa): A
  8. proxy for determination of soil properties in managed podzols. Pedosphere (Submitted - Ref: pedos201710503).
  9. Altdorff, D.*, Galagedara, L., Nadeem, M., Cheemaa, M., Unc, A. (2017). Effect of agronomic
  10. treatments on the accuracy of soil moisture mapping by electromagnetic induction. CATENA (Revision submitted - Ref: CATENA6299R1).
  11. Altdorff, D.*, Galagedara, L., Unc, A. (2017). Impact of projected land conversion on water balance of
  12. boreal soils. Journal of Water and Climate Change (In Press).
  13. Chandrasiri, S.P.*, Galagedara, L.W., Mowjood, M.I.M. (2017). Impacts of rainfall variability on
  14. paddy production: A case from BAYAWA minor irrigation tank in Sri Lanka. Irrigation Science (Submitted - Re: IrrSci-2017-0133).
  15. Amarasingha, R.K.*, Suriyagoda, L.D.B, Marambe, B., Rathnayake, U.K., Gaydon, D.S., Galagedara,
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  17. moisture-limited rice-based cropping systems through incorporation of maize and mungbean: A
  18. modeling approach. Agricultural Water Management. 189(2017): 111-122.
  19. Wijewardana, N.S.*, Shilpadi, A.T.*, Mowjood, M.I.M, Kawamoto, K., Galagedara, L.W. (2017). Ground
  20. penetrating radar (GPR) responses for sub-surface salt contamination and solid waste: modeling
  21. and controlled lysimeter studies. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 189(57): 1-15.
  22. Thrikawala, S., Sudasinghe, M.I.*, Galagedara, L.W., Gunawardena, E.R.N., Narayanan, N.C. (2016).
  23. Applicability of decentralized, small-scale vs. centralized, large-scale sewage treatment plants for
  24. urban sanitation: a case study from Sri Lanka. SAWAS Journal-South Asian Water Studies. 5(3): 85-97.
  25. Sivashankar, P., Weerahewa, J., Pushpakumara, G., Galagedara, L. (2016). An estimation of the
  26. willingness to pay for biodiesel: a pilot study of diesel consumers. Bio-based and Applied Economics.
  27. 5(1): 27-45.
  28. Amarasingha, R.K.*, Suriyagoda, L.D.B., Marambe, B., Gaydon, D.S., Galagedara, L.W., Punyawardena,
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  30. (Oryza sativa L) using APSIM under diverse agro-climatic conditions and water management
  31. techniques in Sri Lanka. Agricultural Water Management. 160(2015): 132-143.
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  33. R., Wijekoon, R., Nidumolu, U., Howden, M. (2015). Modelling the impact of changes in rainfall
  34. distribution on the irrigation water requirement and yield of short and medium duration rice
  35. varieties using APSIM during Maha season in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Tropical Agricultural
  36. Research ISSN: 1016.1422. 26(2): 274-284.
  37. Gunawardana, I.P.P.*, Galagedara, L.W. (2013). A new approach to measure sanitation performance.
  38. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development. 3(2): 269-282.
  39. Wijewardana, Y.G.N.S*. and Galagedara, L.W. (2010). Estimation of spatio-temporal variability of soil water content in agricultural fields with ground penetrating radar. Journal of Hydrology 391(2010): 24-33.

Graduate Studies

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: FC2017A
Phone: (709)639-2591