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Program Requirements

Environmental science

​Major in Environm​ental Science

The general and an honours bachelor of science, environmental science requires 120 credit-hours, usually earned over a four-year course of study. Of those credit-hours required for the degree, between 80 to 90 are compulsory.


All students take basic biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, math and statistics courses. Some of the other required or recommended courses include ecology, atmospheric chemistry, oceanography, meteorology, environmental restoration, global environmental change and soil systems. Senior courses include an environmental seminar and a one-semester research project.

In addition to the courses that you will complete for your specialization in environmental science, you will also be required to complete a Grenfell core program that is specially designed to round out your education. The Grenfell core applies both to general and honours degrees. In order to graduate with an honours degree, the candidate must satisfy the regulations regarding academic standings.

Environmental science core program

  • Biology 1001, 1002, 2600
  • Chemistry 1200/1001 sequence or Chemistry 1010***/1011***/1051*** sequence or Chemistry 1050/1051*** sequence
  • Earth Science 1000
  • Mathematics 1000*, Statistics 2550 or equivalent
  • One of Physics 1020* or 1050* and one of Physics 1021* or 1051*
  • Environmental Science 4000
  • Environmental Science 4950 (or 4951)

At least two of:

Anthropology 3083
Economics 2010
Environmental Studies 3000
Environmental Studies 4000
Philosophy 2809 (new course 2561)
Political Science 3550
Political Science 3731
Religious Studies 3880

At least three of:

Environmental Science 2261 (required for Chemistry Stream)
Environmental Science 2360
Environmental Science 2370
Environmental Science 2371
Environmental Science 2430
Environmental Science 2450
Environmental Science 3072
Environmental Science 3470
Environmental Studies 2000**

*It is strongly recommended that students considering the chemistry stream complete these courses in their first year.
** This course is strongly recommended for the biology stream.

39 credit hours are required in one of two streams, biology or chemistry .

Environmental Science Streams

Students must complete at least 39 credit hours in one of the following streams:

a. Biology Stream

Biology 2010, 2122

One of Chemistry 2210*** or 2301*** or 2440*** or 2400***/2401*** sequence, or Chemistry 1010/1011*** sequence and Chemistry 2440

Environmental Science 3110, 3130, 3131, 4132, 4140 (or equivalent field course)  

Two of Environmental Science 4069, 4131, 4133, 4240, 4479 

One additional laboratory (Science/Statistics/GIS) course beyond the first year level excluding Environmental Science Core courses. A course used to fulfill a stream requirement cannot also be used as a Group c. course in the Environmental Science Core.

b. Chemistry Stream

It is strongly recommended that students complete one of these sequences of Chemistry courses in their first year.

Chemistry 2210***, 2301***, 2302*** and 2400***/2401*** or equivalent

Environmental Science 2261, 3210, 3211, 3260, 3261, 4230

Two of Environmental Science 4069, 4131, 4240, 4249, 4479

Mathematics 1001 which should be completed in the first year of studies

*** Note that these Chemistry courses are offered at the St. John's campus

Chair, Environmental Science

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