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Environmental studies

​Complete course descriptions can be found in the Grenfell Campus section of the Calendar. The University Calendar is the authority for all course information.

EVST 1000 - An Introduction to Environmental Studies

Instructor: Professor Stephen Decker
Class schedule (G05): Monday 12:30-13:20; Tuesday & Friday 11:30-12:20
Classroom: AS 328

EVST 2000 - Introduction to Mapping, Remote Sensing, and Geographical Information Systems

Prerequisite: Geography 1050 or Earth Sciences 1002

Instructor: Dr. J.H. Wu
Class schedule (G04): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 11:30-12:20; Labs (L03): Friday 8:30-11:20 and (L07): Wednesday 12:30-15:20
Classroom (for lectures and labs): AS 3005

EVST 2210 - Outdoor Environmental Pursuits I

Corequisite: basic first aid and CPR course
Class schedule (G07): Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:30-13:20; Lab (L06): Monday 13:30-16:20
Classrooms: AS 379 (for lectures) and FC 3019 (for labs)

EVST 3000 - Issues in Environmental Economics

Prerequisite: Economics 2010

Instructor: Dr. Gabriela Sabau
Class schedule (G22): Monday 15:00-16:15; Wednesday 14:00-15:15
Classroom: AS 229

EVST 4010 - Seminar in Environmental Studies

Prerequisite: Permission of program chair

Instructor: Dr. Mumtaz Cheema
Class schedule (G32): Wednesday 19:00-21:45
Classroom: AS 379

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