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Canadian Nursing Students Association

Bachelor of nursing

All students are members of the Canadian Nursing Students Association (CNSA). It represents over 5,000 students registered in nursing programs across Canada. The goal of this organization is to promote professionalism among nursing students.


• provides a communication link among nursing students in Canada.

• acts as the official voice of nursing students.

• provides a medium through which students can express their opinions on nursing issues.

• encourages participation in professional and liberal education.

• maintains a direct link with other organizations concerned with nursing.

CNSA Membership 2018-2019:

Brandon Smith, BN4 - Vice President on the Board of Directors, CNSA

Leah King, BN4- CNSA Official Delegate, WRSON chapter

Tiara Hillier, BN4 - CNSA Associate Delegate, WRSON chapter

Robert Grimes, BN4 - CNSA Associate Delegate, WRSON chapter

          From left to right: Tiara Hillier, Brandon Smith, Robert Grimes, Leah King

CNSA can work for you, so get involved!

Western Regional School of Nursing

Western Regional School of Nursing
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Phone: (709) 784-5489; (709) 784-5490; (709) 784-5382