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Carla Wells

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Dr. Carla Wells, B.Sc.N. (Ottawa), M.N. (Dalhousie), Ph.D. (University of Calgary)

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Nurse Educator – Nursing ​



A nurse researcher, educator, and scholar, Dr. Carla Wells is a nationally recognized gerontologist with clinical expertise in care of older adults as well as wound healing. While comfortable in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, Carla situates herself as predominantly a qualitative researcher with expertise in Grounded Theory and Phenomenology.


Carla has served on several provincial and national nursing association boards. Currently, she is co-chairing a National Conference Planning Committee to host the 19th National Conference on Gerontological Nursing in Ottawa in May, 2017.


Carla is frequently invited to speak to community groups and professional gatherings on a variety of health related topics, especially related to aging and wound healing.


Carla is a strong advocate for the Nursing Profession. She passionately believes that the future of nursing education is through fostering lifelong learning, as well as encouraging and mentoring nurses to consider advanced nursing education.




(Undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, fellowships, certificates)

B. Sc.N. (University of Ottawa) 1984

MN (Dalhousie University) 1992

PhD (University of Calgary) 2011

RN Diploma (WMRH) 1975

Enterstomal Therapy Nursing (Albany Medical Centre) 1996


Representative Publications

Wells, C., Cook, R. & Callahan, P. (2016). Superior Vena Cava: An Oncological Emergency. A Case Study, Oncology Nursing Forum, 26(1), 77-79.


O'Brien, K., Wells, C. F., & Welsh, D. (2015). Family involvement in protective community residences: Family members' perspectives. Perspectives, 38(3), 6-13.


Strickland, J. T., Wells, C. F., & Porr, C. (2015). Safeguarding the children: The cancer journey of young mothers. Oncology Nursing Forum, 42, 534-541. DOI: 10.1188/15.ONF.534-541.


O'Brien, K., Wells, J., Welsh, D., Wells, C., Cake, L. (2014). Impact of relocation from home or institution to assisted living on adults with mild to moderate dementia. Perspectives, 36(4), 6-15.


Cake, L. J., Wells, C., Wideman, G., Ploughman, M., O'Brien, K., Buehler, S., & Bowering, L. Building an Evidence-Based Framework for the Development of a Newfoundland and Labrador Centre on Aging, Final Report. July 30, 2011.


Hutchings, D, Wells, J., O'Brien, K., Wells, C., Alteen, A. M., & Cake, L. (2011). From Institution to 'Home': Family Perspectives on a Unique Relocation Process. Canadian Journal on Aging, 30(2).


Moffitt, P. M., Mordoch,  E, Wells, C., Martin Misener, R, McDonagh, M. K., & Edge, D. S.  From sea to shining sea: making collaborative rural research work. Rural and Remote Health 9 (online), 2009: 1156. Available from:


Turnbull, G. B. , Arnold, A., Aronson, L., Hawke, G., LeBlanc, K., Parslow, N., Phillips, D., St-Cyr, D., Steeves, C., Tremblay, L., Wells, C., Zorzes, S. M. (2004). The Role of Industry in Improving Quality of Life: A Canadian Consensus. 50(9), 78-85.


Wells, C. & Mutch, K. (2002). Results of an Ostomy Site Marking Survey.  The Link, June.

Recent awards


Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation, 2016

ARNNL Award of Excellence for Nursing Education, 2015

CGNA Honorary Lifetime Membership, 2015

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013

ARNNL Award of Excellence for Nursing Practice, 2002

Current research projects and grants


  1. Health Survey
  2. Fathers and Cancer


Research interests and expertiseResearch interests include all issues related to care of older adults, gerontological nursing, wound care, oncology, diabetes, caregiving, spousal adjustment to institutionalization of partner, living with chronic disease, the experience of chronic conditions.

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