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Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Western Regional School of Nursing

Our Vision

The vision of Western Regional School of Nursing is to contribute to the optimal health and well-being of individuals and populations through excellence in nursing education, research, and practice.


Our Mission

The mission of Western Regional School of Nursing is to contribute to and promote the health and wellbeing of the public by:

  • Graduating safe, ethical and competent nurses committed to the advancement of nursing knowledge and its best practices;
  • Conducting leading-edge scholarship/research, particularly in rural and remote communities; and,
  • Working in collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders.


Our Values

Student Focused Learning

Students are placed at the center of learning by engaging them as active participants in their own learning with the teacher as facilitator.



An environment that supports respectful interactions is promoted. Each person shows courtesy, appreciation, and consideration for others.



A culture of diversity and inclusiveness is fostered through the recognition/celebration of the enrichment that comes from the interactions of people of various backgrounds and cultures.


Creativity and Innovation

Programming and curriculum are enhanced through a culture of creativity and innovation.



Working together with various stakeholders is fundamental to achieve shared goals.



Adherence to behaviors, qualities, values, and attitudes that demonstrate accountability, knowledge, visibility, and ethical practice.


Strategic Goal 1: Enhance programming and curriculum to prepare professional nurses to lead and influence healthcare and the nursing profession.

The profession of Nursing is experiencing transition and this impacts nursing education. The curriculum must be relevant in order to prepare nurse leaders with the knowledge and skills required for the current and future health care system. The focus is to ensure that accredited programming and curriculum meet the challenging health care needs of the population served.



  1. Ensure the provision of quality educational experiences to meet required objectives of the program.
  2. Develop and strengthen strategic partnerships and community engagement.


Strategic Goal 2: Facilitate excellence in research/scholarship.

Our aim is to attract recognized scholars, partner/network nationally and internationally, attract funding, undertake new projects, and attract quality students and faculty to advance the scholarship agenda.

In keeping with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Boyer's Model of Scholarship is used. This framework for scholarship includes scholarship of discovery, integration, application and teaching.  Discovery builds new knowledge through traditional research; integration interprets the use of knowledge across disciplines; application aids society and professions in addressing problems; and teaching models and practices to achieve optimal learning.



  1. Increase research /scholarship activity.
  2. Broaden the school's research/scholarship agenda to include a Rural and Remote focus.
  3. I​ncrease the number of PhD prepared faculty.
  4. Increase grant submissions and secure grant funding for the School of Nursing.


Strategic Goal 3: Consolidate nursing education, human resources (faculty and staff), administration and infrastructure with Grenfell Campus – Memorial University.

WRSON is to be consolidated within Grenfell Campus, Memorial University to help better serve the needs of nursing education.  Consolidation will facilitate attracting, recruiting and retaining qualified faculty, staff and students.  Consolidation will enhance opportunities for research, teaching and learning, and community engagement as outlined in Memorial's guiding frameworks.   



  1. Ensure the successful integration of WRSON into Grenfell Campus.
  2. Ensure effective communication to key stakeholders of the consolidation process.
  3. Establish effective working relationships with key stakeholders.
  4. Develop a succession plan for the recruitment and retention of a qualified nursing faculty.
  5. WRSON will continue to ensure quality programming during negotiations for and following consolidation of nursing education.

Western Regional School of Nursing

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