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Environmental Policy Institute


​​​​The Environmental Policy Institute (EPI) is dedicated to excellence in research, teaching and learning and public engagement on environmental policy issues in Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, and internationally.

EPI's activities include analyzing current environmental policies, exploring innovative solutions, and conducting, co-ordinating and disseminating research widely to both academic and general public audiences and developing provincial capacity in environmental policy. Since its establishment in 2011, EPI has been very active hosting multiple guest speakers and workshops, participating in various university and government consultations, and hosting public engagement events.

What ​​We Do

In pursuit of its mission, the EPI e​​ngages in the following activities:



EPI uses the​​ories, approaches, and methods from social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences to advance excellence in research and analysis on environmental policy issues. The EPI conducts research on environmental policy issues in topics such as water, forests, land, fisheries, minerals, oil and gas, energy, climate change, and biodiversity. It also conducts research on environmental policy issues at and across multiple levels, including individuals, households, communities, regions, provinces, nation-states, and international. EPI communicates and mobilizes research and knowledge to both academic and non-academic audiences.



EPI is engaged in both undergraduate and graduate teaching and learning activitie​s. The EPI established the new Masters of Arts in Environmental Policy (MAEP) program, the first graduate program at Grenfell Campus, which started in Fall 2012. The MAEP program e​​ducates students to develop research and professional skills in order to become highly qualified personnel in the field of environmental policy. EPI facilitates professional capacity for environmental policy research, development, evaluation, and engagement through the MAEP program and through knowledge mobilization and public engagement activities.


​Public Engagem​ent

EPI builds awareness of, and stimulates dialogue and debate on, environmental policy issues within the broader public through initiatives inc​​luding workshops, panel discussions, the Reel Green Film Series, and other sponsored events. It collaborates with academia, policy makers and governments, industry and businesses, non-governmental organizations, Indigenous peoples, rural and urban communities, and citizens to address environmental issues and problems.


​​​Our Mandate

EPI is a corner​​stone of Memorial University-Grenfell Campus’ strategic research theme of Environmental, E​nergy and Natural Resources, which examines the the interaction of people, industry, and communities with the natural world – locally, nationally and globally.​

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