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Storm Closure Protocol

Storm Closure Protocol

Monday to Friday

When the weather is questionable or adverse weather is forecasted, before making a decision to cancel classes, we check forecasts, local and highway road conditions and consult with various external agencies including Provincial Government departments, City of Corner Brook, College of the North Atlantic and the English School District.  

We aim to accomplish all this before 7 a.m. At this point, if we've decided to cancel classes, we will distribute message to social media, the MUNSafe app, the Grenfell home page, and on the Grenfell email system.  

When cancelling classes, the cancellation will include in-person and remote delivery classes. On-line classes administered through CITL will go ahead as scheduled, unless you are notified by your professor to say classes or cancelled. 

Also, "no news" means we are open as usual. We do not issue statements if we are remaining open. If, however, the weather remains questionable, senior administration will meet again in preparation for an 11 a.m. announcement.  Monitoring social media and website around 11 a.m. will give you information about the afternoon session. And, again, we follow the same procedure for evening classes, aiming to make announcements by 4 p.m. at the latest.   

Ultimately, it is the decision of the individual to come to campus when the weather is uncertain. It is completely understandable that students feel compelled to attend class, but in instances where your own personal circumstances are not addressed, then you must make the decision based on the best information you have.  

On weekends and holidays, we consult weather forecasts and road conditions. We aim to make announcements through the MUNSafe App, social media and email no later than 8 a.m. on weekends and holidays. Announcements will be made as needed throughout the day 

STUDENTS: If you must miss class, it is highly recommended and encouraged that you contact your instructors directly, by whatever primary means have been set for the course (e.g. email, direct message, phone), to explain your absence. 

EMPLOYEES: When the campus closes on weekdays in the early morning, or later in the day or evening, staff are not required to report to/stay at work unless it's necessary to provide or maintain departmental operations.  If you're unsure, please consult with your supervisor. When the campus is open, if you are not comfortable travelling to campus, you may utilize your annual leave entitlement, with your supervisor's permission. 


Weekends and holidays

For external groups using campus:

On weekends and holidays, we consult forecasts and road conditions. We aim to make announcements through the MUNSafe App and social media no later than 8 a.m. on weekends and holidays. Announcements will be made as needed throughout the day.

Information for external lessees

Those who book/rent space on campus for events are responsible for communicating to their particular audiences. Grenfell will not announce individual cancellations. 

The following paragraph is used in rental contracts:

Grenfell Campus reserves the right to close buildings on campus as required (e.g. for inclement weather, service disruptions). When a building/campus is closed, the onus is on those individuals and groups who have rented facilities to notify their respective users/patrons. Grenfell Campus will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of closures. Renters of facilities should monitor Grenfell's social media channels for closure announcements

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