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Counselling and Psychological Services

Counselling and Psychological Services (CPS) supports the mental health and well-being of students through the provision of clinical services and educational programs.  

Grenfell Campus is committed to the provision of psychological and counselling services to its students. These services are delivered by mental health professionals at no cost. Information is confidential - what is said between the mental health professional and client stays between them.      



Individual and/or group sessions are offered to students experiencing personal difficulties that interfere with their ability to function at their desired level. Psychoeducational screening is available to students through CPS.

CPS provides consultation to staff and faculty who may be concerned about a student. Programs are available for faculty and staff to address their own personal issues, through Human Resources.

CPS is located in Health Services (BW 243) on the 2nd (main) floor of the Bennett Wing, Arts and Science Residence. 


​CPS Faculty 




Jennifer Broadbent, B.Comm (Co-op), B.Ed, M.Ed (Counselling Psychology), C.C.C

Canadian Certified Counsellor

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We do not accept appointment request via email. Please call 637-7919 or visit us in person on the second floor of the Bennett Wing in the AS Residence to book an appointment with the psychologist or counsellor. 

Health Services

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Office: BW243, Bennett Wing AS Residence
Phone: (709) 637-7919