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Fall 2022 Incoming Students

FAQ for New Incoming Undergraduate Students


What average do I need to get into Grenfell?

If you’re a Canadian student, you need a minimum of a 70% average in five grade 12 academic courses – English, math, lab science, social science/language course and an elective. Province-specific admission requirements can be found here. If you are missing one of the required subject areas or do not have the required average, please email study@grenfell.mun.ca for assistance. 

For international students, entry requirements depend on the curriculum in which you completed high school as listed here. If your country/curriculum is not listed, please contact study@grenfell.mun.ca for more information. 

What is the deadline to apply?

The general admission deadline to apply for the Fall 2022 semester is March 1 however, late applications will be accepted.  Some competitive programs will have different admission deadlines, please email study@grenfell.mun.ca with questions. 

What is the difference between early and verified(final) acceptance?

If you are currently taking courses in high school or at another post-secondary institution, your application and interim documents can be considered for early acceptance. Early acceptance means that either your high school courses match with our admission requirements or that you are in good standing at your current post-secondary institution.

When you submit all required final documents, your application will be reviewed to verify that your results meet admission requirements. If you meet all admission requirements, you will have a final (verified) acceptance. If the results do not meet admission requirements, your acceptance will be revoked.

When will I know I have verified (final) acceptance?

That depends on your situation. If you are a current high school student studying in Canada, you will be informed of your acceptance after you submit your final transcript in June. We aim to have final acceptances offered by mid-July. 

If you are an international student, we need to receive all of your final documents before we can offer you verified (final) acceptance.

Where do I send my documents for admission?

Unofficial copies of your transcripts can be uploaded to the application portal when you apply. Official transcripts can be emailed from your school to admiss.docs@mun.ca or can be mailed to:

Office of the Registrar

Memorial University

P.O. Box 4200, 230 Elizabeth Ave.

St. John’s, NL

A1C 5S7

What do I do if I decide to no longer attend Grenfell?

If you no longer want to attend Grenfell, please email admissions@mun.ca to withdraw your application.

What is Summer Bridging? 

Any Newfoundland and Labrador student who misses the admission requirements by five per cent or less - that is, a final admission average between 65 and 69.9 per cent - and successfully passes the courses required for admission, is eligible to apply to the Summer Bridging Program. If you have any questions pertaining to your final admissions average, contact the Office of the Registrar at (709) 637-6298 or email info@grenfell.mun.ca.  

What programs require additional application materials and how/where do I upload them?

Grenfell Campus requires program specific applications for Theatre, Visual Arts, and Nursing.  There are also a wide variety of programs offered on the St. John’s campus that student may start at Grenfell, but also require additional applications.  For more information, please email study@grenfell.mun.ca. Supporting documents can be uploaded to the application portal. 


How do I apply to Housing?

Students interested in living in residence, Student Housing will need to complete the online application. All acceptance correspondence will be sent by email; please check the email that you applied to Student Housing with on a regular basis. 

When will I find out my roommate? 

Room and roommate information will be sent in late June/early July

Is there a list of recommended items to bring to housing?

Yes. Information about what to bring can be found on our website. You will also receive a more comprehensive list when you are sent your room and roommate information. 

Is there a list of items that I am not allowed to bring to housing?

Yes. Information about what to bring can be found on our website. You will also receive a more comprehensive list when you are sent your room and roommate information. 

Are pets allowed in residence?

Fish in small fish tanks (less than 10L) are welcome, however, we do not allow any other pets. If you are interested in learning more about bringing a service or emotional support animal, please email grenfellhousing@grenfell.mun.ca

Are there quiet floors?

Yes. There are two quiet floors in Student Housing for students who are looking for a quiet environment. Students can apply to live on one of these two floors when completing their application. 

Do I have to buy a meal plan?

No, but you can purchase a dining card. Students who are interested in learning more about the dining hall on-campus and purchasing a declining balance card, can visit our website. There are shared kitchen facilities too if you’d prefer to cook for yourself. Most students choose to do both!

Course Registration:

When do I Register?

By mid- June you will receive your allotted time to register via your @mun email account. It is in your best interest to register as close to your assigned time as possible; your registration time is in Newfoundland Standard Time.  Registration will take place mid-July. 

How do I know what courses to register for?

Academic advisors will reach out to all new students between March and May to help with course selection.  If you have not been in contact with an academic advisor regarding your course selection by June, please book an appointment with an advisor.


How do I prepare to register?

Please watch this step-by-step video on how to prepare to register.

How do I register?

Please watch this step-by-step video on how to register.

What is INTG 1000?

Integrity (INTG) 1000 is an online course designed to help you learn more about academic integrity and the important role it plays at Memorial University and beyond. It will include topics related to: understanding the meaning of academic integrity and its associated university regulations; how to complete university work with academic integrity; and how to avail of supports to ensure academic integrity. 

After registration, all new students are required to complete the Academic Integrity Course. To access this course, go to my.mun.ca "Student" tab, click the online learning "Course Login" then select the course INTG 1000. 

What is SC 1807 & 1808?

If you will be registering for a science course that has a lab, you must register for Science 1807 and 1808 prior to registering for your lab science course(s). You must complete this course on my.mun.ca prior to September. Click here for more information.

Transition to University:

Are there supports to help me transition to university?

To help ease your transition to Grenfell Campus we have created a virtual orientation program that will open to you in early July. You can access this program using a Brightspace course shell. This ‘Your Grenfell Experience’ resource will help you learn more about how to be successful in university, get you comfortable with using Brightspace, and give you an opportunity to interact with staff, faculty and your classmates. To access this course log into my.mun.ca, click the "Student" tab, then click "Course Login". There you will see ‘Your Grenfell Experience.’ 

What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a program that allows Grade 12 current graduates the opportunity to complete one course between late June to August. This program works to help students transition from high school to university. 

Fees and Fees Payment:

How do I know how much my tuition is?

You can view your account summary on Memorial Self Service under the Financial Information section.  Please note tuition and student fees will appear after you register for your courses, additional fees, such as housing fees may take longer to appear on your account. 

When are my fees due to be paid?

Fees are due the first day of classes. For the Fall 2022 semester fees are due Tuesday, September 6. 

How do I pay my fees?

There are a variety of ways to pay your fees. You can click here for more information on fees payment options. 

I have been charged for health insurance but I already have coverage, what do I do?

Grenfell Campus students already covered under another health and dental plan (other than a provincial health care plan ie: MCP) may choose to opt out of the student plan to receive a refund of fees. Students have until September 20, 2022 to opt out.  Click here to opt out. 

International Students

What are the academic entrance requirements to get into Grenfell?

Entry requirements depend on the curriculum in which you completed high school, as listed here. If your country/curriculum is not listed, please contact study@grenfell.mun.ca for more information. 

If you are applying as a transfer student, please note that you must be in clear academic standing at your most recently attended post-secondary institution. Your application will be formally evaluated only after you have applied and paid the application fee.

Do I need to provide proof of English proficiency (POEP)?

Proof of English Proficiency requirements will depend on the curriculum in which you studied. Please review your curriculum requirements carefully to determine if POEP will be required. Most international students will be required to provide standardized test results to demonstrate POEP with a list of accepted tests being found here.  

If you do not meet the English proficiency requirement, you may be eligible for our ESL Bridging Program. For more information about ESL Bridging, please contact  esl@grenfell.mun.ca.

What is the deadline to apply?

For the Fall intake, we recommend applying no later than March 1 to ensure you will have enough time to submit required documents. That also allows enough time to apply for and receive your study permit. However, we will accept applications until August 13 for the Fall intake.

I am missing one or more required subjects at the senior/higher secondary/Grade 12 level. Am I still eligible for admission?

To be admitted, you generally need five Grade 12 academic courses – English, math, lab science, social science/language course and an elective.  Admission averages will vary dependent on your curriculum and your admission will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Under normal circumstances, we can waive up to one required subject area provided that it is not necessary for the major, though you must otherwise meet admission requirements. 

If you are notified that you are not eligible for admission because of one or more missing subjects, you do have a few options for meeting these requirements:

  • If you are missing mathematics, you can take the Level 1 Math SAT and use a minimum score of 550 to meet the math requirement.
  • You can complete a high school equivalency program, such as Virtual High School. A list of accepted VHS courses can be found here
  • You can complete one year of study at a recognized post-secondary institution, during which time, you should complete at least three credit hours in the missing subject area. Then, you can apply to Grenfell as a transfer student. 

Please email study@grenfell.mun.ca with questions.

What scholarship options are available on entry for new international students?

Memorial University offers international entry scholarships valued at $4000 CAD. The criteria is as follows:

  • ​If you have completed more than 30 credits at the post-secondary level, you will not be eligible for entry scholarships.
  • If you have completed fewer than 30 post-secondary credits, you do not need to apply for entry scholarships, as any student who applies to study with Grenfell is automatically evaluated for eligibility.
  • Although consideration is automatic, receipt of entry scholarships is highly competitive, with eligibility solely being based on academic merit (i.e., English proficiency, extra-curriculars, and other factors are not considered during the evaluation process). Typically, we would expect a minimum of 90% though this does not guarantee scholarship status.
  • Scholarship funding for the Winter and Spring semesters is extremely limited, so entry scholarships usually only go to those who apply for the Fall semester.
  • Entry scholarships apply to your first year only and are non-renewable

I submitted my application. What happens now?

Once your application fee is paid, you will receive an email within 10-14 business days (i.e., Mon-Fri, exclusive of holidays) that will include your student number, a list of required documents, and instructions on how to submit these documents. Details on document submission can be found here. Please read these instructions very carefully, paying special attention to the distinction between official and unofficial documents.

After your official documents have been received, they will be processed in 10-14 business days. When your application is fully processed, you will receive your letter of offer via email. This email will also contain further instructions about how to prepare for the coming semester.

I need help applying for my student visa. Who can I contact?

For visa inquiries, you have two options:

  • Email international@grenfell.mun.ca to book an advising appointment. In this email, be sure to include your full name, student ID, and a brief summary of the nature of your request. Our international student coordinator will provide you with further details on how to proceed with booking your advising appointment.
  • Seek assistance from a visa/immigration specialist in your home country. For a list of agencies who currently have partnerships with Grenfell Campus, you can refer to this page

Connect with us

How do I connect with other students?

Please join our Incoming Class Facebook group.  Follow us on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. 

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