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Q & A with Shawn Corbett

Program: Business Administration

Hometown: Ming's Bight, NL


How did you come to study business at Grenfell Campus?

SC:  After starting my own business, I knew that business was the field in which
I wanted to be. I chose to study business at Grenfell Campus because I had heard that the faculty were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  I came to learn that this was gravely understated. The faculty members here, including the per course instructors, are what I would consider to be world class. I would have never grown so much as a person and as a professional had it not been for the amazing lecturing, enthusiasm and support that I got from the business faculty at Grenfell Campus.


I know you're a mature student. Can you tell me a little about your experiences before you came to study here at Grenfell?

 SC: I took a few years off from school to decide what career I wanted to pursue. I had initially wanted to do nursing but I learned that it was not my burning desire.  Before I came to Grenfell, I was running my own business. I had a photography business that I loved, which lead to me studying business.


You've been very involved in campus, earning yourself the Sullivan Cup. Why did you take such an active role on campus?

Taking on a leadership position was something that I've always done, no matter where, what, or with whom it involved. It was always a part of who I was as a person to become involved in programs that were actively helping others.  At Grenfell, I saw that there was ample opportunity to do that. There is so much to do at this campus and the supports are among some of the best.

In addition, I built some effective and strong connections with the faculty and staff at Grenfell, which has led me to be involved both through employment and volunteering at Grenfell. These connections made me fortunate enough to be selected for various positions and volunteer opportunities.


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