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Tuition and Finances

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You'll enjoy the lowest tuition rate in English-speaking Canada. The provincial government gives high priority to education, providing extensive funding to Memorial University. This commitment allows us to provide an affordable yet high-quality post-secondary education.

2022-23 Tuition and Fees

Below are the tuition fees effective fall 2022 semester for an undergradute degree program. Most undergraduate students take four or five courses in each of the fall and winter semesters.

Course rates for new undergraduate students starting in fall 2022

 Fall 2022Fall 2023Fall 2024Fall 2025Fall 2026
  +4% increase +4% increase +4% increase +4% increase 
N.L. and other
Canadian students
International students$2,000$2,080$2,163$2,250$2,340
Fees are listed in Canadian dollars.

Course rates for current undergraduate students including the 2021-22 academic year

 Fall 2021Fall 2022Fall 2023Fall 2024Fall 2025Fall 2026
  +4% increase +4% increase +4% increase +4% increase Adjusted to new level 
N.L. students$255$265$276$287$298$702
Other Canadian students$333$346$360$374$389$702
International students$1,146$1,192$1,240$1,290$1,342$2,340
All fees are listed in Canadian dollars.


​Arts and Science residence
​Residence Complex
​Chalet apartments; family
​$3,906; $6,014
​Meals (Meal costs vary. Students can purchase a meal plan through an on-campus vendor or prepare meals in the facilities provided.)
​$2,000 - $4,000


Note: Parking permits are available for purchase by those who need them. Learn more.

​Campus Renewal
​$500 ($50 per course)
​Student Services Fee
​Grenfell Campus Student Union
​Canadian Federation of Students
​Health Plan*
​$175.32 (Canadian students)
$523.18 (International students)
​Dental Plan*
​$111 (Canadian students)
N/A International students
Books and Supplies
$1,500 (estimate)
​Newfoundland and Labrador Students
​Other Canadian Students
​International Students
​Students starting in Spring 2022
​$10,516 - $13,500
​$11,296 - $14,000
​$19,553 - $22,000
​Students starting in Fall 2022

 *Canadian undergraduate students who have alternate health and/or dental coverage may opt out of the plan(s). Conditions and deadline​s apply as noted in the University Calendar. All fees are subject to change.

International students can opt into provincial/national student health and dental plans, if conditions are met. Please contact the international student co-ordinator for more information at international@grenfell.mun.ca

Graduate students

Graduate tuition at Memorial University is among the lowest in Canada.

The minimum expense forms (2022-2023 academic year) list the graduate program fees for all graduate programs at Memorial. Certain masters programs have separate payment plans, while other graduate programs have special fees that are charged in addition to the regular program fees. Graduate students are also responsible for a number of other fees (including but not exclusive to student union fees, recreation fee, health insurance, and dental insurance).

Master’s students may have a choice among 3 payment plans:

  • Plan A is normally recommended for full-time students (i.e., students who anticipate completing in 6 semesters or less).
  • Plan B is normally recommended for part-time students (i.e., students who will require more than 6 semesters to complete).
  • Full-time students in certain 1-year masters programs may be eligible for Payment Plan C (please refer the Minimum Expense forms for details).

Students who do not complete their programs in the number of semesters listed above will be required to pay a continuance fee for each additional semester required.

Important notes: 

Fees are approved by the University’s Board of Regents. In the event of a discrepancy between the fees approved by the Board and those published on this website, the fees approved by the Board will prevail. Financial policies are enforced through the Office of Financial and Administrative Services. For the complete and official list of all fees and charges, visit www.mun.ca/finance/fees/.

All figures are in Canadian dollars and subject to change. Students are responsible for being aware of all fees and charges, and applicable deadlines, by referring to the University Calendar and the University Diary. The University Calendar is the final authority on university regulations.

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